Around the Internet Kitchen: Long Week!


Around the Internet Kitchen: Long Week!

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It has been a really long week and I can’t wait for the weekend to get here! I’m usually not one to complain, but I’ve been on a string of bad luck recently that I’m hoping is over. After all, bad luck comes in threes right?

Over the last two weeks…

1) My car was broken into. Nothing new. Unfortunate side effect of living in a city.

2) I went to a wedding last weekend in San Francisco and our hotel room was infested with bed bugs. Luckily the rest of the wedding was awesome, but it did kind of suck dealing with the little critters when I got home.

3) Our A/C broke in our apartment. It was literally almost 100 degrees in our apartment with really high humidity. We had to take Tipsy to a friend’s house because she was panting really heavily! It was miserable.

But hey. All of those things are handled now! I feel like I must have some good luck stored up just around the corner which is awesome because I’m going to Atlantic City next weekend for a DOUBLE bachelor party. I’ll need all the luck I can get.

Due to my very unlucky week, I feel like I need to make some good old-fashioned comfort food this weekend. You get to pick of course.

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And a few links!

Potato Dominoes – Good lord these look amazing! I almost wouldn’t even eat them (but I would) they look so good. The potato is really one of the most versatile things I can think of. (@ Ezra Pound Cake)

The Myth of The Superfood – People are getting a bit too into the superfood thing. I mean, I like goji berries as much as the next guy, but are they really going to give me eternal life and happiness? Prolly not. For more on Superfoods, you can read my review of, well, Superfoods. (@ Summer Tomato)

10 Ideas for Summer Corn – Summer corn is one of my favorite things. I love the sweetness and texture and it’s a really versatile ingredient. Here’s 10 great ideas for ya. (@ The Bitten Word)

100 Ways to Use a Tomato – Another installation in the “100 Ways” series by The Endless Simmer team. They are awesome round ups and a perfect way to use some of those extra tomatoes that you might have sitting around. (@ Endless Simmer)

Have a good weekend everybody!

Photo by Unity.

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  1. I’ll be in AC for a bachelor party next weekend too… Its a sure cure-all for a string of bad luck.

  2. You should make vegetarian gravy! I’m crazy about a good gravy, but don’t eat meat, so I’d love to see a good recipe for a veggie one.

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