Around The Internet Kitchen: Into The Code Cave!


Around The Internet Kitchen: Into The Code Cave!

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After a few months of learning, coding, and cursing at my screen, I’m finally ready to launch the new Macheesmo tomorrow! I think you all are really going to love it.

A few things that make the new Macheesmo awesome:

Easy Ways to Find Recipes. This is the number one request I get now and the new site has a lot of cool features that help out in this department.

Daily Photos. I take a lot of photos. Way more than I post. So I figured I’d have a section to feature a photo a day. It’s separate from the recipes so you can check it out only if you’re interested.

New comments. I’m switching to a new comments software that’s really slick.

Google Search. I played around with the standard wordpress search versus a custom google search and I think the google search performs slightly better.

Hopefully awesome design! I like the white background but quite honestly I’m just ready for a change. The new site has some cool new colors and layout.

A Newsletter! More on this tomorrow…

So I’m going to be spending most of Friday night working on getting the new site up and running so hopefully if you happen to swing by Macheesmo over the weekend you’ll see a fresh new face!

I’ll probably have to eat at some point though. I’ll make something for next week based on the winner of this poll question:

[polldaddy poll=”3812617″]

And a few links as always!

Making Irish Butter – Let’s face it, the Irish know how to make good food. They sometimes get a bad rap but seriously, they have some specialties. Good Irish butter is one of the best things ever and I bet the stuff I’ve had isn’t even half as good as the homemade variety. (@ David Lebovitz)

Sweet and Spicy Fried Peach Pies – I’m hosting my annual deep fry party this weekend (I’ll post photos)! So I’m browsing looking for things to make. These might be a bit too complicated for the kind of thing I’m throwing, but seriously they look awesome. (@ The Bitten Word)

Top 10 New Foods at the Fair – Some of these are just ridiculous. Fried BEER? I don’t even want to know what that’s about. Some look seriously awesome though (Potato Tornado). (@ Endless Simmer)

Brussel Sprout Dip – Dan is having dip week over at TFIMB and this one was just kind of out there. I could actually see really liking it because I have a strong liking of brussel sprouts. I also imagine it would be good for frightening off little children. (@ TFIMB)

Have a good weekend everyone! Check back over the weekend for a hopefully new Macheesmo!

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  1. Thanks. I look forward to the pictures. As one who takes lots of pictures and is trying to improve, I love looking at photo sites to get ideas for creative photography!

  2. I can't wait to see your new blog design…I'm sure it will be even more awesome than it already is! :-)

  3. We're having a deep-fry party this weekend as well! Aside from the standards (mozz. sticks, pickles, etc) I'm totally excited to try our bacon-wrapped & breaded chicken bites. Happy Frying!

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