Around the Internet Kitchen: Independence!


Around the Internet Kitchen: Independence!

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Congratulations America for making it yet another year!

On your birthday this year, I will definitely be:

1) Grilling
2) Drinking beers
3) Blogging (Dork alert!)
4) Tailgating for a baseball game
5) Watching soccer (maybe not so American)

Things I will definitely not be doing:

1) Going anywhere near a place of tourism in DC.
2) Taking the Metro anywhere. For any reason.
3) Going to a baseball game. (Not in the mood to brave heat and crowds this year.)

The Write-in Poll

In honor of having, you know, independence, I’m not posting a poll this week. Instead I’m giving you all free reign. Write a comment with a dish you’d like me to try out and I’ll pick one at random from the comments to make!

Should be fun! Go easy on me!

And some good links for the 4th of July Weekend!

Taco Dip – If you’re going to a BBQ this weekend and need something quick and simple to bring, this taco dip looks really good. Impress your friends and lovers with your dip-making abilities. (@ Brown Eyed Baker)

Red, White, and Blue Sandwiches – Cheesecake? Check. Ice cream? Check. Sandwich? Check. These would be very good for a weekend of sweltering heat. Jenna also discovered the problem I recently discovered as well: There really is no such thing as blue food. (@ Modern Domestic)

101 Fast Recipes for Grilling – If you’re at all at a loss as to what to cook this weekend on the grill, look here. Meat lover, fish lover, vegetarian… Bittman covers all the bases. There are so many good ideas in this article that it could easily keep a griller busy for the rest of summer. (@ NY Times) (PS. Pretty sure it’s a fake grill in the photo. I’ve never seen coals like that!)

Stars and Stripes Peach Pie – Good tips on make a tasty peach pie including a homemade crust of course. It’s hard to get more American than peach pie people! (@ Spinach Tiger)

Have a great weekend everyone and leave a comment if you have a dish you want me to try out!

Photo by rjs1322.

19 Responses to “Around the Internet Kitchen: Independence!” Leave a comment

  1. Happy Fourth! Our weekend to-do list is similar… minus the blogging and soccer. Our to-don't-do list is IDENTICAL! Ah, Washington in the summer…

    So how about ribs? Or a pie?

  2. How about a New England style clambake, or clam boil since I doubt your able to big a large pit outside? Great summer meal that feeds a lot of people.

  3. I know it's not a very summery dish, but I'd love to see a traditional lasagna recipe. I've been wanting lasagna, and while I have a fantastic recipe, it's nice to change it up sometimes.

    Also, a grilled cheese gets my vote every time!

  4. Whoa! Good suggestions everyone. Keep them comin. I'll pick one at random probably tomorrow morning assuming I can find everything for it. Not sure where to get softshell crabs but I'll see what I can do…

  5. Pizza on the grill. Last time I made it I burned the hell out of it and haven't gotten around to trying it again. I think I need some good advice before I do.

  6. Souvlaki (lamb or chicken) on homemade pitas with homemade tsaziki. I dare you. (could be three blog posts?? …give you a little break next week…)

  7. Eggplant fries!

    I had them at Wonderland Ballroom the other night. They are amazing and I would love to see what you can do with that idea.

    1. INteresting… I live pretty close to the ballroom. Might have to swing by and see if I can discern their secrets. My fear is that they would just get mushy…

  8. Grilled french toast. There's a recipe for it in Sunset Magazine (july or june issue, I'm not sure) and it looks yum, but you should add more spices to it, or a sauce or something, because it looks a little plain.

  9. I don't see any whole grilled fish on your site – that's a good one for summer! You've got easily accessible bluefish on your side – on my side we'd do a salmon or snapper, maybe – good summer party fare.

  10. A bit belated, but … something of Indian persuasion. Tandoori chicken, perhaps? (Nothing with lamb or seafood, thank you very much.)

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