Around the Internet Kitchen – Hosting Woes


Around the Internet Kitchen – Hosting Woes

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I would like to think of myself as a fairly patient person. I hardly ever raise my voice and I usually give people/companies way too many chances before I give up on them. In fact, Betsy has mentioned on many occasions that I’m no fun to bicker with because I don’t really get mad… But let it be known. I’m officially giving up on my hosting company – Godaddy.

It’s not that their support is bad. I can usually talk to someone in a reasonable amount of time and that person is normally very pleasant. The problem is though that their services just aren’t up to snuff. At some point, even if you are pleasant, I shouldn’t have to be calling you every week.

I get about 4 or 5 emails a week from people saying they get errors when they come to Macheesmo.

At least once a week, my database connection will drop (and no it’s not my Internet connection GoDaddy) and I’ll lose what I was writing.

I’ve given them the benefit of the doubt for too long. But I’m sick of it. Even if it means I have to pay more… I want something that works.

End. Rant.

Let’s talk about more pleasant things.

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How about some links!

Rising Health Costs and Food – I’m not expert on health care, but it does make sense to me that addressing diet/food should be at least a part of a health care plan. Get people healthy and they’ll need less health care right? I think that might be a bit simplified, but it couldn’t hurt. (@ La Vida Locavore)

101 Simple Salads – Good Lord! This is quite the list. Some of the salads on this list are very simple with just a few ingredients. Some are more substantial. All of them would take less than 30 minutes to make I think. Heck. You could just generate a random number and dinner is served! (@ NY Times)

Bacon Wrapped Strawberries – Is it healthy? I have no idea. Probably not. But I bet it is delicious. I reckon I could put down a pint or two of strawberries without a problem if they were wrapped in bacon. (@ Pete Bakes)

Simple Sourdough Starter – This is a world of bread making that I haven’t ventured into yet. But have no fear… I will very soon. I’ve definitely never heard of this method for a starter before, but seems to work! (@ Ruhlman)

Have a good weekend everybody!

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  1. OMG you’ve scared me to the point of hysteria. I’m just about to make the leap to godaddy hosting and have already purchased the package. I think I’m going to pose the question on twitter and see if I get any responses.

  2. I always encourage everyone to get a sourdough starter. They make a great pet that doesn't talk back. I gave some to a friend and she is currently distributing it all over Portland Ore. If you need inspiration, go to my blog and search on sourdough. I've had great fun playing with it over the past couple of years. A whole new world of pancakes, waffles, biscuits and bread will open up to you.

    I know you are interested in health so another good read is Wild Fermentations by Sandor Elix Katz. I have been terrified to try too many of the food experiments in there (and besides sneaking in a red wine vinegar, I have been banned from any other scary experiments, unless I want to hide them and consume them myself)

    The red cabbage starter sounds great. I have heard that the white film on fruits and veggies is yeast but I never realized cabbage would be so rich in yeast. I wonder if it would give your starter a strange brassica flavor? I look forward to your trying it!! :0)

  3. My husband uses GoDaddy for his photography site. It sucks. I hear him complain weekly. He has decided to switch to something else when it's up for renewal again. Not sure which host he has decided to use, but would love to hear any recommendations you have.

  4. Just saw that another blogger friend of mine likes DreamHost for beginners (about $7/month), but switched to Liquid Web after her site grew a bit. She said that Liquid Web is more expensive ($25/month?), but the customer service is great and it met her needs.

  5. I pretty much love HostGator. I signed up because they had such high customer service ratings. At the time they were #1.

    Not only has there been no problems, I once called and asked if I should pay more in case I anticipated problems with future traffic and they said that wasn't necessary and they could handle any amount of traffic, unlimited bandwidth. WTF?

    I've used them about 9 months with remarkable service and nary a glitch. I am an affiliate I like them so much (though with a food blog I don't really get compensated for that). If you check them out and decide to go with them I would appreciate the link through from ST. However, that's not the reason for my recommendation ;)

    Keep us posted on what you choose!

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