Around the Internet Kitchen – Hosting Crush


Around the Internet Kitchen – Hosting Crush

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For the last week I’ve been working on getting Macheesmo on a respectable hosting account. After much searching and review reading and twittering, I decided to go with Liquid Web. So far I’ve been very impressed with them. I think I’m developing a little bit of a crush. I mean it’s only be a few days and we’ve only been on like two dates, but when I login to my new control panel it just feels… right.

They are about 3 times as expensive as the shared hosting account I was using, but so far this appears to be a case of you get what you pay for and possibly more.

It’s like a great weight has been lifted off the shoulders of my website :)

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Now for some links!

Beef Made EasyThis is amazing. Some of this I knew, most of it I didn’t, but either way it is a cool reference. I want this on the back of my 8.5 X 11 business card. (@ Incredimazing)

15 Meals for $15 – After my post on the cost of cooking, a reader emailed me a cool experiment that he is doing. Basically, he is trying to go a whole week (5 days or 15 meals) on $1/meal. They are almost done with the experiment and it’s a pretty interesting read. Check it out! (@ Can I get a Sample)

10 Tips to Improve your Cooking Instantly – This is a really great list sent to me from Traci. I think I agree with pretty much all of these! I need to do number 4 and I think number 6 is maybe the easiest thing you can start doing right away to improve your cooking. (@ Chef Gui)

Brown Butter Ice Cream – Ok. So I really love ice cream and brown butter but the title of this post is a bit deceptive. If you title something “How to make ice cream in a blender” I expect to only have to use a blender to make the ice cream. Paragraph 9 line 4 of this post though (for you lawyers out there) broke my heart when I learned that I still need an ice cream churn to make this! OH well. Still looks delicious. (@ Chez Pim)

Have a great weekend everyone. Oh and by the way, I really enjoy it when readers send me interesting links throughout the week so if you stroll across something that you think would fit in my weekly Around the Internet Kitchen

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  1. Note to self: Do not write posts like this because it will cause the Internet Gods to crash your site for MANY hours.

  2. I have to say we saw this here and were a bit sad for you. Couldn't have been a worse day hardware wise for the machine. Everything is back to smooth sailing now though in the meantime!

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