Around the Internet Kitchen: Herbs Gallore!


Around the Internet Kitchen: Herbs Gallore!

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While Betsy and I don’t have any outside space to plant a garden of any sort, every Spring (or early summer) we try to get some fresh herbs growing in our windowsill. Granted we didn’t grow these from seeds, but so far these are really doing well!

As much fresh herbs as I like to use, I find that it noticeably cuts down on my grocery bill to be able to just snip off a few herbs instead of buying whole packages. I fantasize about having a garden full of every herb imaginable that way I could just stroll through and pick the ones I wanted!

Some guys fantasize about money or pretty ladies. Not me. Herb gardens people. Herb gardens.

Here’s the poll for the week!

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And a few links!

Helping Nashville. Shameless self promotion… Betsy and I are pretty close to the 200 comments we were hoping for on this post from last weekend. If you didn’t see it, basically we’re giving $1 for each comment on the post up to 200. We actually just decided to give $200 no matter what but you should still check out the post and read all the great comments!

Eating Yourself Into Debt. This is one of the better written posts I’ve seen on the costs of poor diet. Well, actually it goes even further than that by addressing some areas like wastefulness and excessive drinking. The bottom line is that if you aren’t eating well, you’re costing your future self money even if you’re saving money in the present. (@ Man vs. Debt)

Classic Pepperoni Pizza. A pizza can be a simple thing, but man does this version look good. I think if there was one thing I could drill into the heads of American families it would be that take-out pizza is almost never worth it when, with just a tiny bit of equipment and effort, you can make something 100 times better. Mental Note: I haven’t made pizza in a while… (@ Recipe Girl)

High Tea. I was lucky enough to be on the invite list for this awesome High Tea. I had no idea what I was getting into! It was amazing. The tea was delicious and the scones! Oh the scones. I could talk for days about the damn scones! It’s also possible that I drank an entire glass of tea-flavored vodka… (@ Endless Simmer)

Homemade Tapioca Pudding. Tapioca pudding is one of my favorite things in the world. It’s also one of those things that never dawned on me that I could probably easily make. Man this looks good. (@ Pinch My Salt)

Have a good weekend everyone!

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  1. Excellent post! I’m contemplating a pepper garden, but need to do more research on how to keep the rabbits away. I’d also love to plant some parsley and cilantro. Do you know if a particular time of year is best to plant?

  2. I want to plant some herbs too, what is the trick to keeping the basil from flowering? I accidently bought some last year that had already flowered (because I didn’t know any better) and it was awful! Also, when you put them in the window, do you use an east-facing or west-facing window, or does it matter?

    1. Gosh… I'm so not an expert on planting… These in the photo are actually facing the South. So yea… I have no idea.

      I basically plant them and water them until they die and then I try again. Usually they last for most the summer :)

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