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Around the Internet Kitchen – Hangovers

It’s Halloween! Hopefully, you have your costume on and your ready to party, but oh wait… Halloween isn’t a “national holiday” so we all have to “go to work.” Totally lame.

Please people, just be careful with the dressing up at work thing. I heard a story about a guy last year who dressed up like a Hooters waitress and was promptly fired upon arriving at work. Given the state of our nation, I feel like companies might be looking, even searching, for reasons to make you pack your bags. So go as something non-confrontational. Like a shy Hooters waitress.

For a lot of people Halloween is a time (especially since it falls on a weekend) to enjoy the pleasures of a deep drunken stupor and possibly a bit of kissy-face. So I thought I would help out by providing a few links to some things that will make your day after hangover a bit nicer.

Sexual Tension Smoothie: When I saw this video, I had one of those Internet moments where I say to yourself, “Why am I watching this?” Anyway, so this weird British duo that has clearly engaged in some Posh and Becks make a shake together that is supposed to help a hangover. I have no doubt that it would. Favorite line of the video is when the woman tries it and proclaims: “Oh wow you can really taste the Ginseng.” Ginseng? Really? I bet. (@ Brightcove)

Breakfast Tacos: Ok. This is a real hangover cure. I mean this is just everything you need to dust off those last few drinks and get your day started! Cheese. Chorizo. Tabasco. What more could you want? Basically any Mexican food is going to be good for the day after. (@ allrecipes)

Ultimate Mac and Cheese: I really like Tyler Florence. I think he makes great dishes that are always very delicious and most of the time actually are the ultimate. I’m not sure that this is the absolute best mac and cheese recipe I’ve seen but it gives you a very solid base and you can leave out stuff if you don’t have it. Some of the stuff is clearly optional. Also, I would recommend making this the day before. This would be awesome at about 11AM for leftovers. (@ Food Network)

Baconnaise: Ok. I’m not sure what this is exactly but it was sent to me by a Macheesmo reader (Yo Ross!) and I thought it would be pretty much perfect for a hangover sandwich. It’s got some fat which is essential and apparently the taste of bacon. I guess I would rate this product as a gamble for the hangover. It is either going to work beautifully or NOT AT ALL. (@ Well. Baconnaise.)

For me though, I’m pretty classic when it comes to a hangover cure. I like a nice cup of coffee and a big plate of steak and eggs. A bloody mary helps the cause also.

Happy Halloween everybody!

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