Around the Internet Kitchen – Halloween


Around the Internet Kitchen – Halloween

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It is almost Halloween. Without a doubt one of my favorite holidays. I love gift giving and all of that stuff but sometimes it is just a bit much. Halloween though is just about hanging out and dressing up and eating your weight in food and drinking your weight in libations. What’s not to love?

My girlfriend absolutely loves these decorative gourd things. She basically talks about them all year long so we also end up with a few of them all over the place which is fine. They look festive and give me something to photograph.

One of my favorite parts of Halloween is checking out ways to make food scary or just dressed up. Dressing up your food is a great way to add a nice tough to a party. Below are some of the coolest that I saw.

Intestines For Your Guests – These look freaking awesome. If you click on any of the links in this post, click on this one. I’m going to be making my version of these and posting the results on Wednesday. Just so cool looking. (@ Canary Girl)

Top 10 Worst Halloween Treats – I hate most the things on this list. The only things I might disagree with are Dum Dums and fun sized stuff. I just love Dum Dums. They are delicious. I’m not sure what their beef is with Dum Dums. And the advantage of fun sized candies is that you can eat many different kinds of candy and not just go all-in on a king-sized 3 Musketeer bar (always sort of a let down). (@ Serious Eats)

Ghosts on a Stick – These are kind of a creative use of fruit on Halloween which I’m normally opposed to. Since these are covered in white chocolate, these look pretty good to me. If I were an unassuming child, I would think: SWEET. A ghost. And then I would bite into it, realize it was fruit, spit it out, and toilet-paper the house of the giver. (@ Noble Pig)

Slime-Filled Cupcakes – This is a pretty cool idea for filling tons of baked goods on Halloween. You could even do this on whole cake if you wanted. That could look pretty cool actually. I would bet that kids (or drunk adults) would love these. (@ Baking Bites)

I hope everyone finds something fun to do with food for Halloween this year. Check back over the weekend for an awesome meatball recipe that is great for game day celebrations.

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