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Around the Internet Kitchen: Good Luck!


Around the Internet Kitchen: Good Luck!

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A number of future lawyers are venturing into a pretty grueling test early next week. I just wanted to give a shout-out to all of them and say good luck to all those taking The Bar.

Betsy is taking the exam in Colorado so she’ll be flying out west over the weekend. I’m not going to say that I know she (or anyone else) will pass because I read this post about how annoying it is to hear that.

So I’ll just say good luck to everyone taking the test.

Since Betsy will be away for a few days I figure it’s a good time to pull out some old school bachelor meals.

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And a few links!

Here We Are, With Babka – Babka is one of those awesome old world dishes that, no matter how you make it, takes a long time. So it’s best to do it for (or with) people you care about. That said, it’s almost always completely worth the work. (@ Food Loves Writing) PS. Shanna is a recent full-time writer. And a good one. Check out her portfolio. Hire her if you can!

Spicy Sesame-Roasted Sweet Potatoes – I’m always excited to see new varieties of sweet potatoes and new varieties of fries. This happens to fulfill both of those things. Apparently they are especially tasty if you happen to be with child! (@ Greedy Gourmet)

Weed Whacker Pasta Salad – This looks so simple and very delicious, but the best thing about this post is it shows blogger power! Two of my favorite bloggers teamed up on this one. Apparently they had some sort of awesome Nashville-LA blogger sleepover! Super-hot. (@ Sippity Sup and @ Spinach Tiger)

Bing Cherry Sorbetto – Ok. Well, this looks great for summer for starters. But also I had the pleasure to doing a radio interview during the week with Susan and Lael Hazan who’s the host of a WSLR radio show called Focus on Fabulous Food. We talked about blogging and 55 Knives and it was a lot of fun. (@ Sticky Gooey Creamy Chewy)

Have a great weekend everyone!

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  1. My brother is taking the bar exam next week as well, in Michigan. Hopefully everyone can take a huge sigh of relief and relax once it's over! Best of luck!

  2. If Chinease takeout wins you should make chicken lo mein. The recipes are just never as good as the real take out.

  3. Much good luck to Betsy and all of the lawyers sitting for the Bar this week. You can do it guys! (Just remember to breathe, outline your essays and dress in layers).

  4. Ah… I'm there with you – Barbri books all over the house – doesn't matter which way you turn. Here's to all the significant others who have survived the 3 years plus the studying for the bar! Can't wait until this coming Thursday evening :-)

    I'm sure I'll be using your "bachelor" meal to think up some meals to make for my hubby during these last few days.

  5. I love your "around the internet" posts. I usually click on over to their sites and I'm not disappointed.

    The LA-Nashville sleep over was loads of fun. I got to tag along to Greg's famous neighborhood farmer's market and drool.

    Good luck to Betsy. I know you'll come up with some nice dinner to welcome her home.

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