Around the Internet Kitchen – Go Cardinals

I’m really happy to be rooting for the underdog this weekend. I think it makes for a much less stressful Superbowl situation. I mean, if you want the Steelers to win, and they really should win, then you have a lot of stress to deal with.

If you are cheering for the birds the worst thing that happens is they get blown out of the water. No big deal. Sort of expected. Hopefully it will be a good football game though.

Here is my final score prediction: Arizona 21 – Pittsburgh 17.

One note before the links. I’m not going to link to the crazy bacon wrapped bacon sausage disaster that is virally spreading around the Internet. I’m really afraid that I might get sued if someone made it and then inevitably went into cardiac arrest. If you don’t know what I’m talking about then google bacon wrapped bacon sausage or check out the most popular NY Times article.

Now for some links. Some of which are also not good for you, but they won’t kill you immediately!

Ultimate Superbowl Snack Stadium – A good friend sent me this link and when I first opened it I didn’t quite understand what I was looking at. But yes. It is an entire stadium made of snack food. (@ Holy Taco)

Pittsburgh vs. Arizona Superbowl Food Off – A quarter by quarter run down of everything both teams have to offer when it comes to food. While you might think that Arizona has an advantage given that they are an entire state, Pittsburgh is clearly winning in the polls. I voted for Arizona though. Their food looks better although The Primanti Brothers are the real deal. (@ Endless Simmer)

20 Worst Supermarket Foods – In a complete 180 to counteract all of the delicious junk food I just linked to, I thought you might like this very thorough list of the worst things you can eat in the Supermarket. When I found this, I must say I was a bit jealous because I literally had the exact same idea for an article. But then after I read it I realized how much freakin’ work it would have been to write. Glad I didn’t embark down that path. (@ Men’s Health)

Anti-Bacterial America – Michael Ruhlman writes one of my favorite chef-authored sites right now because of posts like this. It’s funny and yet very informative. He doesn’t pull any punches and he uses a bunch of real evidence to make his point. The comments expand into a very good conversation on the subject of how we use way too many bacterial products in our lives. (@ Michael Ruhlman)

As an aside, I’m also reviewing his book “Charcuterie” on Sunday, so check back for that.

Sworn Rivalry EstablishedI apparently have a “sworn rival” in the food blog world. I guess we are rivals because we both have food websites and beards. Turns out, even though it is the name of his site, he doesn’t always have a beard. SNAP!

This rivalry may result in a brutal cook-off. (@ Sworn Rival)

Everyone enjoy the Superbowl. Go birds!

Photo by MPR529.

4 comments on “Around the Internet Kitchen – Go Cardinals

  1. It does you good to have a nemesis – gives you a sense of purpose. Thanks for introducing me to Ruhlman's blog, really great read.

  2. Good luck to your team. I always take the Superbowl as time to go out to a nice restaurant without the crowds or do grocery shopping (again, without the crowds). One year, I forgot entirely about the Superbowl and unfortunately went shopping right before the game (with the crowd). The grocery checker asked if I was going to watch the game. I replied, "What game?". At least it's a way to save a lot of calories!

  3. Thanks for the comments everyone (except Dan obviously). I realized after I posted this that Men’s health changed that page and now you have to register or some crap to see the list.

    Sorry for getting your hopes up!

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