Around the Internet Kitchen – Get Jacked!


Around the Internet Kitchen – Get Jacked!

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I’ve been trying to work out more lately. Over the last few months it has dawned on me that I’m on my way to being 30 years old and I’ll be damned if I let that get me down. Plus I gotta look good for the ladies (girlfriend, cat).

I’ve never really been a runner in my life which is funny because I played soccer for many years and still do for recreation. I’ve always had a hard time though justifying running just for running. At least in soccer I have a goal.

I think I had a breakthrough of sorts last week though when I ran a 5K for the first time in a long time. When I was done I felt very energized. I’m just now starting to see how people could get addicted to running. I’m not, and I don’t think I ever will be. I still have to force myself to do it. But I can at least comprehend the argument where before I thought those individuals were simply crazy.

Plus the more I run, the more I can eat whatever the heck I want. A lot of good links this week:

How Much Water Do you Need? After stating in my Pasta with Cream Sauce post this week that you need at least a gallon of water to properly cook a pound of pasta, a reader pointed me to this article in the NY Times released the very same day. It is now the 2nd most emailed article behind another NY Times piece about food. It’s interesting that they experiment with the amount of water needed to cook pasta, but at the end of the day it seems like the conclusion is: If you want good pasta and you don’t want to have to worry about it, use a lot of water. (@ NY Times)

Roti Chicken. I’m stunned by this post. Not only does the dish look amazing, but Kay’s photography is some of the best out there in my opinion. I’m thinking about other things I could try in this recipe like possibly lamb, but if the photos do it justice than it might be impossible to improve on. (@ Kayotic Kitchen)

On Expectations. It’s kind of rare that a food blogger talks about stuff other than food. This was one of my favorite posts of the week on the many many blogs I frequent. It reminded me that sometimes you have to bring your expectations down a notch or you may never be happy. It’s a great little piece of writing. Oh. And there are cupcakes. (@ Food loves writing)

Chicken Tsukune. This is one of those recipes that I have absolutely never seen before ever. It looks awesome though and Marc does a great job, as always, explaining it and photographing it. Very original stuff. (@ No Recipes)

Top Chef Exit Interviews. I completely missed most of the Top Chef episodes this season which is blasphemy if you are a food blogger I guess. I always read the exit interviews over at ES though. The most recent one with Stefan is one of the best ever. (@ Endless Simmer)

Have a good weekend everybody. Try to get some exercise in so you can guiltless eat the awesome brunch dish I’m posting tomorrow!

Photo by Bob.Fornal.

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  1. Hey, thanks for the link love! SO jealous you're running, not because I can't (technically) but because it is so hard to motivate myself!! If I hear about enough people doing it, it helps. :)

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