Around the Internet Kitchen – Full Grown Cat


Around the Internet Kitchen – Full Grown Cat

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So Tipsy is no longer a kitten. She is huge. You would think we are doping her food with steroids, but I promise we are feeding her a normal amount. If you compare the first photos I took of her to the one below, I think you can see what I’m talking about here!


We took her to the vet for the first time two weeks ago (DRAMA), and she weighs a whopping 8 pounds – about the size of two Chipotle burritos. As you can see from the papers strewn around in the above photo, she also loves eating failed March Madness brackets.


The Eight Most Fattening Easter Candies – I was expecting a bit more out of this list but it isn’t bad. I mean, Jelly Beans are on the list and I eat those pretty much anytime they are available, not just at Easter. In fact, I didn’t even know they were Easter-related. (@ Newsweek)

Less is Enough – I don’t usually link to entire blogs, but I thought this was a pretty interesting idea. The author of this blog basically writes about how to be ultra-thrifty on food expenses. The author spends around $80/month on food and details the journey. Hands down, I could never do this. It does not compute for me. I love food too much. But it is a pretty interesting read and has good tips. (@ Less is Enough)

Eureka! – It’s possible that if I had to nominate the best blog post I’ve read so far in 2009, it might be this post by chef Michael Laiskonis. It is humorous, enthralling, well-written, and touching. It touches on some of his favorite moments as a chef and made me think about some of my “Eureka!” moments. (@Michael Laiskonis)

Vince the Slam-Chopper is in the SlammerWarning that this link has some violent photos and language… Thanks to Endless Simmer for alerting me of this amazing story. The crazy guy who advertises the most useless kitchen invention ever apparently got his tongue almost bitten off during a fight he started with a Lady of the Night about half his age. (@ Smoking Gun)

My favorite Vince quote: “Fettucine. Linguini. Martini. Bikini.”

Have a good weekend ;)

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