Around the Internet Kitchen: Foodbuzz Awards


Around the Internet Kitchen: Foodbuzz Awards

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If you aren’t familiar with FoodBuzz, it’s a website that centers around food blogs and online recipes. You can “buzz” around the and find lots of interesting blogs and recipes.

I used to be more active on there than I am these days, mainly because I just don’t have enough hours in the day.

They just announced the 2009 Foodbuzz awards for food blogs! I dig their categories. Check these out:

Best Overall Blog
Best New Blog
Best Wine Blog
Best Cocktail/Spirits Blog
Best Baking Blog
Best Food Photography Blog
Best Visual Blog (graphic design)
Best Writing Voice
Best Healthy Living Blog
Best Green/Sustainable blog
Best Family Blog
Best Recipe Blog
Best Blogger Humanitarian Effort
Best Community Blog Effort (recognizing blogging groups/challenges/etc)
Most Humorous Food Blog

Blogger you’d most want to:
-Take to dinner
-Cook a meal for you
-Be your personal Sommelier
-Create you a cocktail
-Watch on Food Network
-Watch on Iron Chef
-See open up their own restaurant
-See their blog made into a movie

Those are some serious awards! Now you don’t have to be a foodbuzz member or anything to nominate someone for any one of these awards, but if there’s a blog (HINT!) that you read regularly that you think might fit under one or two of these, you could nominate said blog HERE.

A few links to chew on…

McDonald’s Visualization Map – This has been floating around the Internet the last few days, but it is very amazing to me. The idea that you can go basically anywhere in the U.S. and be almost assured to be within an hour of a McDonald’s is crazy. The farthest you could get from a McDonald’s if you tried? 107 miles. (via Serious Eats and Weather Sealed)

BLT From Scratch – No joke. Chef Ruhlman had a competition over the last few months for people to create their own BLTs… from scratch. That means grow your own tomato, smoke/cure your own bacon, bake your own bread and make your own mayo. Pretty awesome stuff. This is his own version and it looks very amazing. (@ Ruhlman)

Smitten with a Baby – A baby happened over at one of my favorite food blogs. It’s a really cute baby also. (@ smitten kitchen)

I didn’t post a recipe poll this week because I’m kind of still licking my wounds from this disaster. If you want me to make something though… leave a comment and maybe I’ll give it a shot!

Photo by Terren in VA.

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  1. I got your back, brother. Do they actually have the power to give you your own show on food network? Can you do something with Alton Brown? I mean like, about his fashion sense?

  2. You definitely will get some nominations. Your blog rocks. There are 5 that I want to be as good as (not copy, but quality level) and yours is one of them.

  3. Wow, I have been to the McFarthest Spot! A fellow Teach For American in South Dakota grew up in Timberlake, just a few miles east of there.

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