Around the Internet Kitchen – Food Comas


Around the Internet Kitchen – Food Comas

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I’m still in a daze from all of the deliciousness of yesterday. I had a fantastic bird, a perfect mashed potato cassarole (yep. That’s right), and of course this stuffing. I’m also in charge of making crepes for Brunch today so hopefully that will go over well. I’ll probably Tweet some photos of the crepes, so check it out here.

I’m currently in Nashville with Ms. Taste-tester and her family and we are having a great time. One of the highlights besides the fantastic food and company is the new addition to the family: Libby. Anyway, I hope everyone had a really wonderful Thanksgiving and everyone had plenty of good times with family and friends. Now for some links!

The Ultimate List of Baking Tips: I know I know. This is a day late and a buck short, but so what. Like you aren’t going to ever bake again? This is a very nice list of tips for tons of baking related problems and topics. Some of my favorite tips are #2, #9 (Xmas gifts?), #12 (interesting), and #16 (I agree). (@

Mark Bittman’s Bad Kitchen: For some reason this wasn’t that shocking to me. Apparently if Mark Bittman ever had a food network show they would not be able to film it in his apartment. But if you think about the message that he sends and the recipes he writes, he lives what he preaches. The man preaches simplicity in the kitchen and I love him for it. (@ NY Times)

Mom’s Turkey Soup: Not my Mom (Hi Mom!). Elise’s Mom. This just has to be good and it is perfect timing given that you might have a rather large turkey carcass laying around. So put it to good use I say! This would be perfect for a lazy Friday-After dish. (@ Simply Recipes)

German Chocolate Cupcakes: German Chocolate cake is one of my favorite things in the world. It also happens to be one of my “Impossible Foods” meaning that it is impossible for me to eat too much of it. So I ask you, what’s more impressive: Eating an entire German Chocolate cake or eating 30 very tiny German chocolate cakes? (@ Cupcake Project)

A Quick Mincemeat: David L. whips up a very interesting take on an old English classic. I’m not really sure how it will taste but it looks fantastic and warming. And without the Beef Suet, which is always a bit akward to come by. This might be in my list of winter recipes. (@ David Lebovitz)

Have a nice lazy Friday and be sure to check back tomorrow for a good use of some of that leftover turkey you may have. In fact, you may want to save like 8-12 ounces just for tomorrow.

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