Around the Internet Kitchen – Food Blog Battle!


Around the Internet Kitchen – Food Blog Battle!

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If you follow me on Twitter or read Macheesmo regularly, you probably know that I have a sworn food blog rival – The Food in My Beard. I like having a rival. It keeps me on my toes. Anyway, my rival and I have decided to do a food blog throw down.

Here are the basic details: Last Monday, we worked out a rules system which resulted in each of us picking one ingredient and then both of us having to use both ingredients in a dish of our choosing. We will both be publishing our creations Monday morning and there will be a method to vote for your favorite. Obviously, you won’t be able to taste the dishes unless you happen to be in both DC and Bermuda this weekend, but I’m sure you can find other criteria to vote on.

It is, of course, all in good fun and there is no prize exactly (although I did suggest that the loser should have to shave his beard…). I can guarantee you though that both of us have been thinking long and hard about our dishes all week and hopefully it will be a good battle. As a teaser, here is the list of possible ingredients we compiled. Two ingredients were chosen from this list and those two ingredients will be featured on Monday.

chili powder
portobello mushrooms
Swiss Chard

Now for a few links to tide you over!

Rendering Duck Fat – This is something that I’ve never actually done, but I know from mutiple sources that it is pretty easy and results in a very delicious fat product that is good on damn near anything. Hopefully, I’ll get time to try it soon. (@ The Bitten Word)

Coke’s Crazy Scheme – Apparently, Coke’s new idea to get you to drink their new citrus product is to give it away for free! Sounds awesome. Except to get a bottle of it, you have to actually purchase a bottle of their competition (Mountain Dew). What the hell?! Why would a company force its customers to buy a competing product? I see unemployment in a Coke Executive’s near future. (@ So Good)

String – A brief, but good discussion on butcher’s twine. Including a link to the right stuff and videos on how to use it effectively. Also works great as a cat toy. (@ Ruhlman)

How to Prepare Leeks – A really awesome write-up on how to choose, clean, and cook leeks. Leeks are a fantastic ingredient and they are definitely under-used in America. Check them out. (@ David Lebovitz)

Everyone have a good weekend. Be sure to check back on Monday for the Food Blog Battle. It is going to be awesome.

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  1. Bizarre list. Hmmm… asparagus and mango? Swiss chard and grapefruit? I hope that both dishes are something we would actually want to eat. :-) Good luck to you both.

  2. Hey Greg. Did you just hypnotize me? That is quite possibly the oddest thing I've ever seen. Ever.

    I strangely enjoyed it.

    Thanks for reading!

  3. Thanks I think. I was over at your sworn rivals site (which I also discovered just today) researching All'Amatriciana for my blog. I read about this smack down and needed to meet both players. Very fun! GREG

  4. I cannot believe I have not found this blog before now. I am always looking for bloggers with a point of view. Aunt Gemma’s Sugar Cookie recipe is fine, but I can’t read that stuff regularly. You I could read regularly. Please have a look at my latest video, BECAUSE A CAN, CAN CAN-CAN. If I am going to be coming here, I want you to know what I am all about. GREG

  5. I'm late to this party- you better show dan how it's done!

    Also- thanks for that leeks link- I needed that info- leeks always intimidate me… haha- leeks link, leeks link…

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