Around the Internet Kitchen: Finally Playoffs!


Around the Internet Kitchen: Finally Playoffs!

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I’m not a huge, huge fan of watching baseball on TV. I really like going to games and occasionally I’ll put a game on mute or something while cooking or doing something completely different.

To me though, it’s just not always exciting to watch. I think part of it is because there are so many freakin’ games in a season. I mean by the time it’s August, the players are tired, I’m tired of watching them do the same thing everyday, and I’m just ready for a change.

But playoffs, however, are pretty exciting. I think it’s like when you watch a really long movie, and even if you haven’t been paying attention for most of the movie, and in fact slept through parts, you wake up and pay attention to the ending.

My pick for last man standing based on absolutely no research is the Dodgers. Go Dodgers.

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Some links!

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9 Healthy Halloween TreatsI don’t usually think to go healthy during Halloween, but these ideas are all very creative and you might be able to sneak some veggies into the night without even noticing! (@ Start Cooking)

Have a good weekend everyone!

Photo by Melody Kramer.

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  1. Baseball season is still going on? Hurry it along, I'm ready for college basketball season!

    I had to vote for hot dogs, since this was baseball related but wings sounded better to me!

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