Around the Internet Kitchen: Farmer’s Markets!


Around the Internet Kitchen: Farmer’s Markets!

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The DC farmer’s markets are finally rocking and rolling. It feels great to start my Sundays with a walk down to the market and see the stands of fresh veggies and good food. My only beef with the whole thing is that apparently I’m not the only one who likes farmer’s markets.

Seriously, there are so many people it is ridiculous. But, actually, that’s awesome. I love seeing streets full with people trying new food and getting really quality, local stuff.

All very exciting. Now if only I could find me some of that raw milk that is all the rage these days…

Some links!

Foodie Fights #1 – A bit of self-promotion, but I’m really excited about the Foodie Fights launch. We have some really solid blogs competing in the first battle and two awesome guest judges. Check out the competitors and be sure to check back on Tuesday when the fight goes down.

Yogurt, crème fraîche, etc. – A great article about how freakin’ easy it can be to make your own yogurt and other dairy products. I’ve heard that this is a pretty easy thing, but this article makes even the scientific bits of the process very accessible. (@ NY Times)

10 Ways to Save Real Food – A really well written article discussing some ways that could help improve the food situation in our country. The idea is to make lots of little changes that could really change how food is marketed in the U.S. I’ll be writing more on the Food Pyramid in the next week or so also… (@ Every Kitchen Table)

100 Ways to Crack an Egg – Whoa. This list rocked my world. 100 different things you can do with the simple egg. There are some really cool posts in this list. Here’s a game… can you find mine?! (@ Endless Simmer)

Have a good weekend everyone. Enjoy Spring time!

Photo by Nataliemaynor.

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  1. Spring is definitely in the air, although in Vermont at this point the ground is still heating up so we have to live vicariously through our more “southern latitude” friends.

    Thanks for the mention of my “10 Ways” post. I look forward to following your blog and your efforts in Foodie Fights. Best of luck!

  2. I wanna be a guest judge! I am too shy and not nearly competent enough to be a contender. But opinions are something that I am very, very, very (VERY) good at! GREG PS Did I just end a sentence with a preposition?

  3. Yay!!! Funny, I have the same mixed feeling about my market. HATE the crowds but think more people should go. Word of advice: hit it early.

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