Around the Internet Kitchen: Fantasy Edition

Next week is the start of football season which is super-exciting for me. What’s even more exciting is that next weekend is also the start of fantasy football. I do enjoy a good football game, but football isn’t really my favorite sport. I much prefer soccer, but when coupled with the joys of fantasy, it makes it a very close second.

I’m almost positive that most of my readers could care less about fantasy football so I won’t go into intricate detail on my why team is going to destroy this year (or lose horribly).

Instead, you can vote on a dish for me to make for the football opening season game next Thursday!

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Here are a few links as always!

Stuffed Breasts – Whoa! Had to click on that in my RSS Feed. Turns out it was just turkey breasts. Still. They look really good. (@ I Shot the Chef)

Faux Mimosa – I’m not so sure that I like the idea of a mimosa without booze. But that doesn’t really matter. This is the funniest food post I’ve read in weeks. (@ omnomicon)

Food Blogger Shindig – I went to this great happy hour on Wednesday hosted by a few local food bloggers. I had no idea there were so many food bloggers in the area! I didn’t even get a chance to meet everyone. I did become very chummy with a guy who works for WordPress though. We are like BFF now. (@ Arugula Files)

Parenting and Food – I don’t have kids, but I imagine that someday I just might. Teaching kids to eat healthy is a tricky thing. This was a good article and there were a number of good letters to the editor about it also. (@ NY Times)

Enjoy the long weekend everybody!

3 comments on “Around the Internet Kitchen: Fantasy Edition

  1. @Nick – for me, hockey is what brings the excitement. The fantasy teams are flying right now, and I think my team will kick ass!

    Thank you for the links, especially the mimosa. I love her blog, can't wait to see some more.

  2. If you like soccer, we will need to do a joint World Cup soccer party. I LOVE watching the Word Cup games. We can even come up with game food based on the countries playing.

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