Around the Internet Kitchen – Economic Turmoil Edition


Around the Internet Kitchen – Economic Turmoil Edition

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With the stock market near rock bottom, this is a dreary day in the American Economy. That said, I’m not one to freak out about “statistics” and “MASSIVE devaluations.” It’s the American Dream that you can work your butt off, not that you can retire, Dude.

Also, this is not a website about stocks, the economy, or any other depressing topics. This is a site about FOOD. So, here are a few links to things I have read over the week that have taken my mind off of my 401(k).

In times like these, I always need something cheap, filling, and wonderfully soothing. When I saw this recipe for green chile cornbread I wanted it immediately. This and a nice bowl of chili would be worth the heartburn.

Hard up for some cash? Try making these Scotch eggs from “Al Dente” and selling them on the street to unknowing children and/or drunks. I mean. You wrap a hard boiled egg in sausage and deep fry it. What’s not to love? In our troubled times I would pay upwards of one American Dollar for such a treat.

Sugar Laws has up a quick walk-through on how to make your own butter. This is, I’m sure, a wonderful treat as compared to the store bought stuff. Also, I imagine that it may be cheaper although I’m not sure on that one.

Let me preface this last link with a warning: I am not 100% sold that this is A) good or B) possible, but it sure does look good based off the photographic evidence provided by “Not Derby Pie.” They make Dulce de Leche. I lived in Argentina for about three months and if you have never had this stuff you haven’t lived. It is simply amazing. That said, I’m not sure if you can get the same results via their method, but it is definitely worth a shot.

Those are a few of the links this week around the Internet Kitchen that made me want to eat or cook some serious food. Ok. Maybe not the Scotch egg. I’m not sure about that one, but I would try it if I were drunk. No questions asked. And I bet it would be delicious.

Photo by Jakobpunkt.

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