Around the Internet Kitchen: Earth 2100


Around the Internet Kitchen: Earth 2100

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I randomly found myself pulled into this two hour documentary last Tuesday on the future of Earth. If you didn’t catch it or haven’t heard about it, the basic premise is that a baby was born on June 2nd, 2009 and lives through the entire next century. She tells her life story. Most of it is animated, but not in a cheesy way.

Obviously, the story is filled with perils from massive floods to huge swarms of insects to drought to famine and disease. Most of the events were directly related to some human cause. In general, I thought the show was effective at getting a point across, even though it was a bit overdramatic at times.

I think the message was basically this: People in power need to start making hard decisions and not put them off any longer. Normal people need to realize that consuming like we have in the past is not sustainable.

At the same time I think the show oversimplified the solutions a bit. They only spent 10 minutes saying how to fix the problem and then voila, 2100 looked like a paradise. Not that it matters much to me because I figure that I’m going to most likely cash in my chips in the huge Flu Pandemic of 2075 which takes out a few billion people worldwide.

Even if you think global warming is a myth and everything is hunky-dorey, it’s still a pretty interesting story. You can watch some of the clips and read more about it on the ABC Site.

Now for some links!

A Town Fights to Save a Baguette – This is only mildly about food, but I found it to be a pretty uplifting story about two French immigrants that work to keep their bakery in a small New Hampshire town. (Spoiler: They win.) (@ NY Times)

Don’t Eat This. Don’t Eat That – A very thoughtful write-up on the latest craze in diets which is the “Don’t eat that. Eat this.” thing. Basically, the people pushing it try to find healthy solutions in fast food, but they miss the bigger picture. This is a great post on why that philosophy sucks. (@ Summer Tomato)

Lemon Mint Granita – Sometimes I run across something on a food blog and want it immediately. When I saw this, I had just come out of the hot DC sun and needed it. Also, brilliant idea to serve it in the lemons. (@ Smitten Kitchen)

Sriracha Mayo and Fries – I am one of those people that has been putting Sriracha on a lot of stuff lately. For example, This. I don’t see why I shouldn’t make these fries this weekend to snack on. Looks awesome. (@ White On Rice Couple)

Have a good weekend everyone!

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  1. For some reason I had trouble finding Sriracha for the past few weeks, but finally scored some last night! Thanks for the serving suggestion..and shout out!

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