Around the Internet Kitchen: Donut Day!


Around the Internet Kitchen: Donut Day!

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Today is National Donut Day! So if you happen to walk by a Krispy Kreme or Dunkin Donuts today, most of them will be giving out a free donut! There might be other donut shops doing similar things but those were the two I could think of.

I don’t really eat that many sweets honestly, but a free donut is pretty hard to pass up!

Or you could, of course, make your own donuts to celebrate!

As you’re eating your donut, think about what should I cook this weekend?

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And a few links…

French Tomato Tart – Is tomato season here yet? Maybe. I guess that somewhat depends on where “here” is, but it looks like it has definitely arrived in France. This looks unbelievably good. (@ David Lebovitz)

Cranberry Caraway Brown Butter Scones – This is one of those recipe titles that gets better with every word. Cranberries are good. Caraway is excellent. Brown butter is sinful. Scones are delicious. Soooo…. why not stick them all together?! (@ Modern Domestic)

Cuban Sandwich Mac and Cheese Lasagna – What the hell just happened? That’s what I said after I read this post. Apparently turning a Cuban sandwich into Mac and Cheese wasn’t cool enough for my rival blogger. He had to then go and make a lasagna out of it. Way to set the bar really high dude. Thanks. (@ TFIMB)

Grilled Chili and Soy Marinated Prawns – I like all the foods in this post, but I especially like seeing prawns with the head on. I head-on prawns makes some people squimish, but I just love them like that. (@ Greedy Gourmet)

Have a great weekend everyone! Enjoy Donut Day!

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  1. The tomato tart knocked me out. Tomorrow I'm getting tomatoes and local goat cheese and herbs and I'm doing it. I also have some blackberry honey that will be perfect. I love when bloggers promote other blogs. And, my vote was lasagna. (lasagna in June seems like a lot of work, but I'd like to see how you approach).

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