Around the Internet Kitchen: DC Food Blogger Spooktacular Bake Sale

Tomorrow I’m participating in this cool bake sale at the U Street Farmer’s market. There’s going to be about a dozen or so food bloggers offering up some delicious baked goods, including yours truly. All of the proceeds go to Martha’s Table. So if you’re looking for a good way to start your Halloween, swing by the Farmer’s Market located on the corner of 14th and U and check out the selection!

If you happen to be in the area, you can read some more info about it here.

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Some Links:

It Takes All Sorts of Macarons – For some reason I’ve never tried making macarons. It seems intimidating. Possibly because every time I see them on food blogs they look so fragile and perfect. I’m positive I would destroy them somehow. These look amazing though. (@ Tartlette)

Five Spice ApplesauceI made some of my own five spice powder for some popcorn a few weeks ago and I’ve had a little bag of it in my pantry ever since. I might just use it for some awesome homemade applesauce! (@ The Perfect Pantry)

Athens Market and Sea Bream in Avgolemono – The photos in this post of the Athens market are stunning. They make me want to go to Greece like tomorrow. Also, nothing like fresh fish cooked perfectly with a great sauce. (@ Kalofagas)

It’s Decorative Gourd Season, $%^#@! – Ok. This is not food related and is also filled with curse words – so don’t read it out loud to any children… But I was actually laughing out loud as I read it because I have a certain fiancee who always gets SUPER-PUMPED over decorative gourds. (@ McSweeney’s)

Have a good weekend everyone and Happy Halloween!

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  1. Your snickerdoodles were yummy; they completely sold out. Make sure to post the recipe, if you haven’t already. Thanks so much for baking!

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