Around the Internet Kitchen: Curling!


Around the Internet Kitchen: Curling!

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The Olympics are in full swing and I love me some Olympics. I do wish that they showed more full matches and competition and less commentary though. Sometimes it seems like the prime time show turns into one long highlight reel and I end up watching The Flying Tomato 30 times rather than being able to watch what I really want to watch which is… CURLING.

I got really into curling during the 2006 Winter Olympics. It happened that the main curling matches were all being shown over a long weekend and my roommate and I camped out and watched a huge portion of the matches. I learned all the phrases and rules and what those little brushes actually do. The sport is kind of complicated. It’s pretty boring until you get into some of the strategy and has a bit of a learning curve which is possibly why it has never caught on in the States (short attention span).

Anyway, there is plenty of curling on this weekend so you know what I’ll be doing! Even though the US is bad (neither the men’s or women’s team has won a match this Olympics), I’ll be cheering them on!

For the poll this week, I went kind of big picture…

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The Black Truffle Extravaganza – This is a fascinating write up on one of the more expensive (and mysterious) ingredients: The Black Truffle. There is some serious truffle overload happening in this post. I love it. (@ David Lebovitz)

Thai Red Curry with Root Veg – Something about this dish just made me very hungry. Maybe it’s because it’s winter or maybe it’s because I love all things curry. Or maybe it’s the awesome photos. For whatever reason, this recipe spoke to me this week. (@ Sassy Radish)

Meat and Potatoes – Greg has been doing a meat and potatoes themed week and this is probably my favorite so far. Very inventive and has to be good. (@ Sippity Sup)

20 iPhone Apps to Feast On – A fantastic list of some of the better iPhone apps out there to help you manage cooking/shopping tasks. These apps will help you find recipes, make lists, and generally organize your cooking schedule. Good stuff. (@ Brown Eyed Baker)

Have a good weekend everyone. Watch some curling. Thank me later!

Photo by mgroves.

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  1. Oh Nick… you had me at "what I really want to watch which is… CURLING"!! I'm a Canuk and here in the prairies curling is king (with hockey just slightly behind believe it or not). Try and find the feeds from our national broadcaster of the games, CTV, at to watch video and get all curl-afied. With your devotion to curling I think you can consider yourself an honourary Canadian as we spank the competition (but ever so politely, eh?) You'll have to start spelling a little differently (colour, defence) and end the alphabet with "zed" but it'll be worth it for the bragging rights. And if you're into women's hockey we have another reason for you to cheer along with us hosers…

    Forget roasting a lamb, go make some poutine!

  2. My daughter married a curler and now the whole family, including their two kids ( their club calls them "Little Rockers") are wildly into it. Clearly, it gets addictive!

  3. Yes, NBC’s coverage of the Olympics is quite lame. I’m a Canadian currently living in the States, and this is the first time I’ll be in the U.S. during the Olympics (though I was fortunate enough to spend this past weekend in Vancouver itself, taking in the excitement). While Canadian coverage is pretty much 24/7 and live, NBC shows the Olympics for 6 hours a day and it’s all taped! I ended up upgrading my cable package last night so that I would get CNBC who shows live and full coverage of events for most of the day. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to do as S’toon Girl suggests and watch Canadian coverage on, not while you’re in the States, at least. You can only access those videos if you’re in Canada. However, if you get CNBC or MSNBC, you can watch live events on, including all the curling matches!

    Anywhose, yes, curling does rock! I’m planning on a lot of simple meals this week that I can make while keeping one eye on the TV screen … I get a little addicted while the Olympics are on!

  4. Yes! One thing I really love about living in Buffalo is getting to watch curling and being able to choose between CTV and NBC Olympic coverage. It’s awesome to see curling get some love on an American blog. I’m also lucky enough to have a bar near me that has a curling-like game, sans brooms though.

    The real point here, though, is to second the proposal that you make poutine.

    And “curling rocks” is the best pun I’ve heard all week.

  5. Came across an amazing i phone/pod app. It's an easy to follow video tutorial on how to make flat breads. The breads look amazing, and after l finished making them l was very impressed!! Can hardly wait for her next video to come out. Here is the link for the app.… and check out her website Eat Drink Talk, for free over the top recipes!

  6. Aw…bummer on the inter-web access; hopefully you still got to watch Kevin Martin thump the Swiss…man those crowds are craaaaazy! And thumbs up on Men with Brooms -it's quite the sweet little movie, a fun snow-day watch!

    Also being from the mid-West I don't think I ought to open my mouth about "authentic" poutine; got any pierogi, Saskatoon berry or bison meat questions? LOL

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