Around The Internet Kitchen: Culmination!


Around The Internet Kitchen: Culmination!

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I’ve been working on some pretty big projects in 2010 so far and a few of them are starting to culminate at the same time which is exciting and stressful. As you probably know, Dan and I re-launched Foodie Fights this week which has been fun and people seem to really like it. We easily have over 100 people registered already on the site and the First Battle is well underway.

Also, if you happened to be around when I wrote my resolutions for the year, you might remember some vague ramblings about a book of some sort. Well, that project is also almost done and I’m locking myself in my apartment this weekend to put some finishing touches on the first complete draft. I’m planning on doing a more thorough post on the book situation when it’s closer to release time, but if you want a quick preview you can check out the website for it. The name of the project is 55 Knives.

On to very important things… I just got an ice cream maker which I’m excited to fire up so let’s do some cold stuff for the poll this week!

[polldaddy poll=”3129551″]

And a few links as always.

Is it Really More Expensive to Eat Healthy? A great post and good discussion about the costs of eating healthy. My take on it is that even if it’s more expensive to eat healthy day-to-day, it’s worth it. If you save money now by eating junk then you’re just passing on health costs to your future self. I really do believe that you’ll pay more over your lifetime by eating poorly than if you just invest in healthy food on a daily basis. But what do I know… (@ Being Frugal)

Interview with Barbara – Marc interviews the EIC of Bon Appetit. Lots of good stuff in the interview including her opinion of bloggers like me. I think she might like us! (@ No Recipes)

Mud Pie with Homemade Ice Cream – I almost ate my computer when I saw this. They use decaf coffee for the ice cream but I’d probably use the real stuff. (@ Love and Olive Oil)

Lots of Juleps – The Kentucky Derby is this weekend and you might just need to get your hands on a mint julep. Or a celery julep? Variations on the julep abound… (@ The Bitten Word)

Have a great weekend everyone! If you need me, I’ll be battling with Adobe InDesign.

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