Around the Internet Kitchen: Cookin’ Tunes


Around the Internet Kitchen: Cookin’ Tunes

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My kitchen has a cut-out section that overlooks our living room. It’s awesome for entertaining because I can still be a part of the conversation while cooking. I used to constantly watch TV while cooking when we didn’t have guests over because it was easy.

Since we’ve canceled cable though I’ve been listening to a lot more music in the kitchen. There’s something about music and cooking that go really well together I think. Sometimes I listen to a few customized playlists that I have, but lately I’ve been jamming out to a few specific albums.

So in true High Fidelity style, here are my top five cooking albums. To make the list the album has to be an all-around good album (I don’t want to be skipping around a lot). It should be up-tempo but also chill, if that makes sense.

Here are my top five of the moment:

5) Cold War Kids – Robbers & Cowards – Kind of an Indie Pop band that I started listening to a few years ago. I think they’re coming out with an new ablum soon, but this is one of my favorites for the kitchen.

4) CCR – Best of CCR – There’s not a bad song on this album. There’s not even an okay song on this album.

3) Eric Clapton’s – Unplugged – Classic songs with a cool acoustic vibe. Just amazing stuff on this record clean through from the first song to the last.

2) David Bowie – Best of Bowie – Sure… he was kind of a weird dude. But I can cook up a storm to Suffragette City.

1) The Rolling Stones – Exile on Main Street Remastered – It doesn’t get better than this for me right now. I’ve listened to this album probably 20 times in the last week. I listen to it in the kitchen, while I’m walking to work, really any chance I get.

Ok. Back to food. It’s hot out, so pick something cold.

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A few links!

Is Drinking Alcohol Healthy or DangerousPlease say healthy. Please say healthy. Please say healthy. (@ Summer Tomato)

10 Second Sangria – Sangria is one of my favorite summer drinks. If I can make a version that’s tasty in 10 seconds, that’s even better! (@ The Bitten Word)

Flammkutchen with Red OnionsOk. So I’ve never even heard of this dish, but it seems a bit like a pizza pie. The difference is that this is not quite as fussy as pizza. The dough can be thrown together relatively quickly and it bakes up into something really delicious! (@ Delicious Days)

The Bocce Ball I’m always up for a good cocktail especially in the summer. This one looks refreshing and perfect. You could sip this anytime really. Say… while you’re reading the post about whether or not alcohol is healthy! (@ Savory Reviews)

Have a great weekend everyone!

Favorite cooking album? Leave a comment!

18 Responses to “Around the Internet Kitchen: Cookin’ Tunes” Leave a comment

  1. Hey Nick,

    I'm so with you on Eric Clapton and CCR, dont know Cold war kids – will check it out. By the way I tried the eggs Benedict with more vinegar in the water like you suggested- perfect!!! have a great weekend!

  2. I tend to listen to British audio books on my computer while I cook. It's the only big block of time I have that I could listen when I'm not reading other stuff that would distract me. The only downside is you miss a bit when doing something noisy like blending.

    I do love a good Doctor Who story read by David Tennant!

  3. I listen to a lot of podcasts when I am cooking. Like Corinne says, sometimes you can miss things. But This American Life and various NPR shows are great for cooking.

  4. We listen to Jim Croce's greatest hits a lot when cooking.

    I was chanting the same think when I saw Summer Tomatos drinking post show up in my RSS feed!!

  5. Nick, I've got to give you serious props for Bowie making your top five…even if it is a compilation and not a studio album ;-)

    Look into "Diamond Dogs" or "1. Outside" for some seriously theatrical Bowie action, the tracks on those albums really tell a story when listened to all together…

    Great music list!

  6. I just read this ..and I am a huge Bowie fan ! I am happy to see him on your list. Claire you beat me! I was soo going to say listen to Diamond Dogs..(one of my favs)..followed by Aladdin Sane, Hunky Dory , and Ziggy.

    good times!

  7. I had some amazing caramel icecream with sea salt recently — find some of that to make, k? :)

    My cooking music has recently been playing the Death Cab for Cutie mix on — we get that on Josh's xbox for free, it's pretty sweet.

  8. I need to try this! The TV used to be super convenient to watch while cooking, but we just moved and it won't work as well anymore.

    Also, I wanted to write in gelato for the poll! Too bad it doesn't work like that! :P

  9. Regina Spektor's Begin to Hope – she makes me feel hip and domestic at the same time, like I want to have children and dress them at American Apparel. What is wrong with me?

  10. I LOVE that Cold War Kids album! The new one is already out… it's not as good but it totally grows on ya!

    I usually like to listen to dance-y music in the kitchen. Mika, The Gossip and I'm ashamed to admit that Ke$ha sometimes makes it into the rotation….

  11. Robbers & Cowards is one of the best albums to have come out in the past few years. The whole thing hangs together really well (kind of like Kerosene Hat by Cracker). And you can never go wrong with CCR!

    Currently listening to a mix of Violent Femmes/Sufjan Stevens/Ryan Adams/The Walkmen… nothing is really screaming at me to make bean burgers, but yet, that's what I need to make today…

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