Around the Internet Kitchen: Colorado Bound!


Around the Internet Kitchen: Colorado Bound!

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So my April Fool’s joke that I pulled last week was actually only half a joke. I’m not opening a brewery anytime soon, but Betsy and I are moving to Colorado! We just found out the news a few weeks ago. Betsy got a job working for the state and so we’ll be hitting the road!

We’ve both lived in DC for a while now and we’ve both really enjoyed it but I think we’re both ready to hit the road out West. We aren’t moving for many months (probably very late 2010 or early 2011) and we don’t know where exactly we are moving, but it’ll be somewhere in CO!

Some of you might know this, but I’m from Wyoming originally so it’ll be kind of nice to move back closer to home and Betsy and I are both pretty avid hikers and outdoors people so it’ll be nice to be close to some of the best hiking in the US (in my opinion).

I checked out my Google Analytics and I definitely have some Colorado people reading Macheesmo these days, so speak up! What’s good to eat out there?!!

No poll this week people because I have a wedding in my very near future and my calendar is a bit booked for the next week!

A few links are in order though.

First Camera Then Fork – That phrase pretty much sums up my days sometimes, but the subjects of this article take it to the next level. Photographing and sharing everything they eat!? Unfortunately, my day of eating isn’t always as interesting as you might think. I eat basically the same thing for breakfast and lunch daily… (@ NY Times)

Piping Practice – Ok. If you’re going to get serious about baking, at some point you’re gonna have to handle a pastry bag. And let me tell you from experience, it’s not as easy to control as you might think. This is a fun post from a fellow DC food blogger on the subject. (@ Modern Domestic)

Gluten Free Puff Pastry – Read that one more time. Gluten Free. Puff Pastry. I can’t even make a regular puff pastry. This kind of blew my mind. (@ Tartelette)

Cinnamon Sugar Popcorn – I love homemade popcorn so much. I don’t even understand, honestly, how microwave popcorn is a thing. It’s not even close to as good and honestly takes roughly the same amount of time. This version is a solid one. (@ Purple Foodie)

Have a good weekend everyone!

Photo by Molas.

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  1. Stupid me didn't think it as April fools joke. After 30 years married to an April 1 baby , I've practically given up on them… Thought you make me think for next year

    oh well. We all hope you keep up the blog….where evve you are…. love reading it

    yea, CO, is neat, my neice lives in Dolores, her wedding was in Durango on a farm with a neat country band, my brother liked it so much he bought a second Condo to be closer to their only granddaughter. Hiking, her husband even wrote a book about the four corners and his 4 month walkabout there, titled "southwest circle quest"

    have fun out there you two.

  2. WOW! Congrats on the wedding. And extra congrats on moving to CO. My favorite place. We spend 2 weeks there every summer, camping, hiking, and relaxing. Love Leadville, with it’s great hiking and fishing around there. And, though it isn’t gourmet eating, we have to eat at Quincy’s – great steak and very historic.

  3. So where in colorado will you be living? I have not spent much time in Colorado, but I’ve had some very good Mexican food there.

    Anyway, congratulations. It’s such a beautiful place

  4. It's been awhile since I was there (~5 yrs) but if you're in the area, the Estes Park Brewery is awesome. (And rather in line with your April fool's post, which I totally fell for.)

  5. There are a lot of "fast food" places around here that use local ingredients. I haven't been to the Estes Park Brewery, but I'm sure it's amazing… just don't go in the summer unless you wanna spend an extra half hour getting there cuz of the tourists. There are all kinds of amazing food places here. A lot of it will depend on where you are. DO NOT eat at Casa Bonita… Yuck!

  6. There is a great Moroccan restaurant in Boulder. I don't remember the name, but it was incredible.

    Good luck with the wedding!

  7. Congrats on the move Nick! I've eaten very well in my trips to Colorado (my brother used to go to school there). Excellent green chili, and in Denver you MUST go to the Cherry Cricket for phenomenal burgers and…deep-fried mac n cheese wedges. They are as incredible as they sound.

  8. Welcome to Colorado! (future welcome, maybe?) I've lived here since I was 11, and I love it. We do have a ton of good Mexican food, and you can get green chile on ANYTHING. Some of my favorite spots:

    CityGrille (Capitol Hill, Denver) — great burgers and green chile

    Tacos y Salsas (several locations in Denver metro) — great authentic tacos

    Denver Ted's (Capitol Hill, Denver) — great Philly cheesesteaks on Amoroso rolls

    Panzano (Downtown Denver) — awesome Italian (but $$$)

    The Fort (Morrison) — wild game restaurant in an old Army Fort

    The Mediterranean (Boulder) — yummy tapas

    Salvaggio's Deli (Boulder) — the best Italian sub/hoagie in the city

    Mizuna & Luca D'Italia (Central Denver) — Haven't been to either of these places yet, but they've been getting great press and I really want to try them. Frank Bonanno (sp?), the chef, has been on Food Network several times.

    We're also the birthplace of the "fast-casual" chains, so were' loaded up with Qdoba, Chipotle, Tokyo Joes, Noodles & Co,and more.

    You'll like it out here, and you'll never want to leave!

  9. Hey nick-

    I know I'm super late to commenting on this post, but I can't help but suggest some places to eat in CO.

    The Dushambe Teahouse in Boulder is a MUST SEE! It is a great place, for the food as much as the building (without going into too much detail…the whole building was built in Dushambe, Tajikistan- Boulder's sister city, and re-assembled in Boulder). The building is honestly breath-taking. Definitely check this place out!

    Khow Thai is Boulder is also really good, authentic Thai food.

    Enjoy Colorado! It's an awesome place to live.

  10. I'm late to this conversation – but so envious! I moved to TX from CA and the heat and humidity here are killing me. My boyfriend and I are planning to move to CO sometime in the future, but it will be several years before we can make the move (y'know, jobs, house, etc. etc.).

    Please do keep us all updated on your CO adventures as they happen. I have to live vicariously through you until I can get there too!

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