Around the Internet Kitchen: Cherry Blossoms

Last weekend was the prime bloom for the Cherry Blossoms here in DC (Thanks Japan!) It was such an awesome, sunny day that despite the horrible crowds, Bets and I decided to make the trip down to check out the scene.

Below are a few photos that I snapped along the way.

Kind of a striking skyline.

Kind of a striking skyline.

Lots. Of. People.

Lots. Of. People.

Ok. Now for some links!

Honey Bunches of Oats Chicken – People have been using corn flakes for years now to coat chicken, but what about other breakfast cereals?! I think I’m gonna try fruit loops for a psychodelic chicken experience. (@ Pete Bakes)

Ratio and Scale Giveaway – Michael Ruhlman is giving away a copy of his new book along with a shiny new scale. All you have to do to qualify is donate a few bucks to Share Our Strength. Go to his page first though to read the details. (@ Ruhlman Blog)

How to Buy Cheap Spices – This post made one thing abundantly clear to me. I spend too much freakin’ money on spices. I gotta get a spice plan in place for myself. As an aside, this is one of my favorite food blogs these days. Aleta is the real deal. Based on her charts she also appears to be a complete dork. (@ Omnomicon)

Ingredient Wars!One of my favorite shows on The Food Network these days is Chopped. Elle made an Internet version which is awesome. She made a great entry and there are others in the comments. Check them out! (@ Elle’s New England Kitchen)

Have a good weekend everyone!

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  1. Hi Nick,

    Mellie and I are looking for a good coco-rich cake. Know of any?

    You site looks great!


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