Around the Internet Kitchen: BuhBye Cable


Around the Internet Kitchen: BuhBye Cable

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Betsy and I decided to cancel our cable package this week. I have the vague impression that we’ll now watch less useless TV. That said, at the same time I figured out how to stream instant Netflix on our Wii so I’m sure that will be a time-suck trade-off. Also, the cable companies won’t tell you this openly, but it turns out that we still get a fair number of stations without paying a red penny.

Basically any show we have an interest in watching can either be seen on a local station, via instant Netflix, or over the Internet on Hulu or other instant watch options. Cable is so 2005 people.

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And some links!

Strawberry-Rhubarb Tart – It’s officially spring and almost summer which means strawberries! The colors in this tart just kind of rocked my world (@ Healthy Delicious)

White Pizza with Ramps – I alway see ramps this time of year and I’ve only cooked with them once or twice. This pizza might have to happen really soon for me though. Rivka’s dough recipe looks really solid. (@ Not Derby Pie)

Tipsy Affogato! Ok. So this looks delicious, but I’m mainly linking to it because it’s funny and apparently my cat’s name would also be a good first name for a drag queen. I can’t disagree with that. (@ The Bitten Word)

Coffeehouse Cookies – I know it’s unlike me to link to two sweet things in one post… I don’t normally have a sweet tooth, but these cookies looked to good to not show them a little link love. (@ Erin Cooks)

Have a good weekend everyone. If you need me, I’ll be watching re-runs of Mystery Science Theater 3000 on streaming Netflix…


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  1. When Adam and I moved in together we didn’t even sign up for cable… it’s been 8 months and I have hardly missed it at all. We watch LOST live with friends, but everything else we watch on Hulu whenever we feel like it. You can do it! And yeah, the Netflix Wii channel is pretty freaking awesome.

  2. Netflix is the way to go. My hubby and I let the kids watch the DVDs that come in the mail, and we watch the play-it-now options on the laptop. We watch only what we want, when we want. Cable is WASTE of time and $$$.

  3. We cut our cable last October and have loved it! We watch things on Hulu and we lived across the street from a movie store. The store just closed its doors yesterday though so I think we might look into Netflix.

  4. Congrats on ditching cable! We never signed up for cable when we got our first apartment (mostly because we were feeling cheap) but I’ve rarely regretted it. Everything we want to watch is on Hulu, which means we tend to only watch things we *want* to watch – no channel surfing. And we watch Netflix on the Wii when there’s nothing “on” Hulu – their selection of Instant stuff keeps getting better.

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