Around the Internet Kitchen: Books for You!

To kick off the weekend, you lucky readers can win some free books! Hachette Book Group is offering two free sets of books to Macheesmo readers.

The package includes “How to Roast a Lamb” by Michael Psilakis and Barbara Kafka and “Chocolate: A Love Story” by Max Brenner and Yonatan Factor.

Each winner will get both books! All you have to do to be eligible is leave a comment below with your favorite Thanksgiving dish, please only one comment per person though. Don’t be that guy. I’ll pick a winner at midnight tonight (EST) so get your comments in today!

Winners! There were 61 comments eligible when I got some random numbers from The winners are #23 Niki and #40 Kenneth! I’ll be emailing you both with details!

I decided I wanted to make chili this weekend but I’m kind of torn on the variety.

And just a few links…

How to Poach Pears – A great walkthrough with fantastic photos. Seems simple enough and the combinations are pretty much endless. (@ David Lebovitz)

Slow-braised Pork Roast with 5 Spice Rub – I think if I had to pick only one method and cut of meat for the rest of my life, it would probably be pork roast or shoulder that is slow cooked. Just doesn’t get much better in my opinion. (@ Blue Kitchen)

Cheeseburger Soup – I’ve never heard of such a thing in my life but I want it immediately. (@ Dine & Dish)

How to Keep Your Herbs FreshIhave a serious problem with fresh herbs. I buy a lot of them. I cook a lot with them, but inevitably have leftovers that go bad. CHECK OUT this solution that Jason came up with for my little issue. Good stuff! (@ Well Done Chef)

Have a good weekend everyone! Leave a comment and maybe win a few books!

63 comments on “Around the Internet Kitchen: Books for You!

  1. Nick, I have the Psilakis book and it’s a good one. I’ll throw my hat into for the contest. If I win, I’ll gift it.

  2. my family has a slightly out of the ordinary thanksgiving dish, and it’s by FAR my favorite. it’s called spinach with artichoke hearts and water chestnuts. theoretically, it’s something green on the table, but i think the quantities of butter and cream cheese negate is healthiness. basically…above listed ingredients +butter, cream cheese, bread crumbs and parmesan cheese on top. YUM

  3. My favorite Thanksgiving dish is a combination of the stuffing mixed with our family mashed potatoes recipe. The mashed potatoes have caramelized onions on top and a slight little spice that make them extra special. We really only make them during Thanksgiving and I look forward to them every year. My Mom makes wonderful stuffing filled with herbs, onions and deliciousness. The 2 of these dishes combined together just scream Thanksgiving to me (and carbs of course).

    When I sneak down to the kitchen later at night for my midnight Thanksgiving snack I go straight for the stuffing and mashed potatoes.

  4. I am sucker for the classics; I’ll fight anyone for an extra helping of creamed pearl onions. However, I also made a rum raisin apple pie a few years back that was a strong contender against the traditional mincemeat and pumpkin.

  5. Wow, what great ideas of what to eat! I like a traditional roasted turkey,(although I am thinking about brining one), dressing (no rasins lots of sage), mashed potatos and gravy, cranberries, (both the canned kind and the homemade kind). I usually do a broccoli/cauliflower salad and ccrudites. Also, orange jello salad. Sometimes a shrimp or crab stuffed avacado for a starter. (Isually to save everyone from starving before dinner gets to the table.) Pies, apple and pecan. I listed the whole dinner. Oops, if I had to pick one thing…hmmm, turkeydressingcranberries!

    Thanks for the great posts and the chance to win cookbooks.

  6. I make the yummiest stuffing. Go to epicurious and search for Chestnut, onion and currant stuffing. It is so good. The only problem is the currants. Have you ever used currants in a dish and there is something strangely crunchy in them? Not sure if it is seeds for stems but… I made this stuffing for a thanksgiving potluck at work and a coworker got one of those strange crunchy things. He thought I was feeding him sand. lol!!

  7. I’m definitely a fan of the traditional green bean casserole! The smooth texture of the cream of mushroom with fresh crispy green beans… I think I’m going to make some today, you got me in the mood for it!

  8. I could cite any number of delicious Thanksgiving creations (mom’s homemade pumpkin pie, etc.), but my favorites remain Stove Top stuffing and canned cranberries. There, I said it! That’s how we always did it at home, and I can’t shake my undying love for the beasts. If my cranberries don’t jiggle and have can rings indented on them, then I want nothing to do with them.

  9. The stuffing. And the mashed potatoes. And the cranberry sauce. Actually my favorite thing about thanksgiving is the sandwich later that evening, on a dinner roll, full of all my favorite side dishes and one leaf of crunchy lettuce for good measure. YUM.

  10. My favorite Thanksgiving dish is my Mom’s sausage stuffing…it has bread, celery, broth and some spicy sausage with sage. It’s perfect with some turkey gravy drizzled over it or with a side of cranberry sauce.

  11. My ultimate favorite Thanksgiving dish would have to be the gravy since I eat it so rarely and when I do, it goes on virtually everything…except the sweet stuff. Turkey gravy…..Homer-style yummy gurgle.

  12. Yay I love cookbooks! When I was a kid (well, old enough to use the oven unsupervised), I always had to make the green bean casserole for Thanksgiving, because I was the ONLY one in my family who liked it. Man, I used to eat green bean casserole leftovers for whole meals, and when I moved away for college, it was the first dish I made in my very own kitchen. I’ve been a drifter through my twenties, and don’t usually make it home for Thanksgiving, but I still always make a green bean casserole. I’m a fan.

  13. The first thing that popped into my head is the mashed potatoes, absolutely covered in turkey gravy, of course. But when I really think about it, it has to be the stuffing. The only time of year I ever eat it is Thanksgiving and I always look forward to it. What I like best is how there are so many varieties of stuffing, everyone makes it differently. Always a treat!

  14. My favorite is the meat pie made by my relatives in Quebec. If I remember correctly, it’s made with beef, pork, lard, and maybe some other unimportant bits. And smother each piece in gravy.

  15. My new favorite recipe is one that greatly simplified Thanksgiving dinner – while everyone likes regular mashed white potatoes the best, there are always so many other obligatory root vegetables elbowing in. Local turnips, sweet potatoes, winter squash, carrots… each had its own place on the table (and good luck to the child who thought they were getting mashed potatoes and ended up with the mashed turnips!) So last year, I diced them all up together and roasted them. This year I’m adding beets to the root vegetable medley! Here’s to a simplified Thanksgiving, where there’s still room on the table for the eggplant parm. yes, eggplant parm.

  16. You cannot beat brining the turkey in Alton Browns brine recipe (all hail Alton!). Did this the first time a couple years ago and my family still talk about it. Along with good old roasted veg, this can’t be beat.

  17. Well, you brought up a memory for me. When I was little, we always had spiced apple rings from a jar-colored, I suppose, with that cherry stuff that is probably close to being radioactive… I’ve grown to love making my own. I core tart apples into thick rings and bake them slowly at 350 degrees/F in a spicy mixture of apple/pomegranate juices laced with cardamon, saigon cinnamon, black pepper, and raw sugar. Yummy. Thanksgiving is a state of mind, and mine is usually on what can go in the oven next.

  18. Yeah, cookbooks! My favorite Thanksgiving dish is something really related to my family – weird and cheap :) We call it cinnamon apples but I’m not sure what the real name is – it’s essentially peeled, cored, halved apples that have been boiled in a water sweetened with sugar and a bunch of those little red hot candies. We eat them 2 days later, chilled. Weird, cheap, GOOD.

  19. I don’t usually go for jello dishes on principle but my grandmother used to always make this wonderful cranberry dish with raspberry jello, cranberries, walnuts and celery. My mom makes it now and someday when I take over the cooking on Thanksgiving I will make it. Maybe my daughter will too- who knows!

  20. My favorite Thanksgiving dish growing up was the candied sweet potatoes my mother made using chicken fat instead of butter because she kept a kosher kitchen – I still love those sweets but make them with butter and don’t necessarily wait for Thanksgiving. Next is the stuffing and gravy and the next day sandwiches of turkey, dressing, cranberry sauce and some hot gravy –

  21. I LOVE apple pie, and for serveral years I made the apple pie for Thanksgiving at my grandparents. My papa would always egearly await with fork and napkin in hand for his slice of my apple pie and vanilla ice cream. Until one faithful Thanksgiving my husband decided that he wanted to make the pie, and try a new recipe, which has now become my papas favorite and mine, but this thanksgiving I will suprise them all with my baked apple tarts using your baked apple recipe with a few changes of my own. 19 days and counting!

  22. Stuffing, by far, is my favorite Thanksgiving dish. My late grandmother didn’t cook a lot, but her stuffing recipe is wonderful and comforting. Plus, it fits in well with my carb addiction.

  23. My favorite Thanksgiving dish is either green bean casserole or the stuffing, since there are many original ways to make either.

  24. I love mashed potatoes and stuffing, but Thanksgiving desserts have to be at the top of the list… Pecan pie, apple crisp, pumpkin pie with a dollop of whipped cream… mmm. By the way, I love your site Nick! Who knew that a budding chef was in our midst back in Farnam? Hope all is well!

  25. Must have cornbread sausage stuffing, made with from scratch cornbread,and not that bagged stuff, and some fresh sage! Cranberry salad with only fresh cranberrys and celery and nuts, so, so good! Big beautiful baked sweet potatoes! And of course a good homemade gravy! These four things must be there, can play around with other dishes but not these!

  26. My favorite thanksgiving dish is pecan pie which I have only once a year due to its caloric content. I love everything about this holiday, it is my favorite holiday of the year.

    Thank you for the giveaway.

  27. Yummmm……. My in laws make a delicious spinach dip that is to die for. I’m not real sure what goes into it, but I know it has spinach and sour cream and water chesnuts and it is served with Shepherd’s bread. MMMMMMMM I want some now! :) Avery close second however is Dutch apple pie….. Again my mouth is watering!

  28. I’m inclined to say deep-fried turkey, but that’s only a recent addition in my family (well, about a decade, but who’s counting?). No, I’d have to go way back to a dish I’ve been eating since I was sitting at the kids table – sweet potato casserole with cranberries and a marshmallow topping. The brown sugar mixed in with the sweet potatoes definitely puts it over the top. It’s a big bowl of tasty deliciousness.

  29. My two favorite turkey day recipes:

    Roasted asparagus with pecans and parmesan
    Roasted butternut squash with crispy bacon and craisins

    Both make a turkey seem downright boring!

    Love the DIY herb keeper–much better idea than the $20-30 herb keepers on the market. And it gives me another use for those Chinese hot & sour soup containers!

  30. How could I resist a give away? Let me say first – I love macheesmo – specially all the photos! Very impressive how consistent you are with the updates. As Katy and I are just starting Doc & a Drink I give you made props.

    Now to the real deal.

    Noodles with gravy – my fav homemade dish at thanks giving. It’s not common but it should be! Think of homemade and cut and dried noodles – thick with home made gravy (I prefer rosemary gravy) over the top – yum!!!!!! (super exclamation indeed).

    Tip – If you don’t have time to make your own go for the Amish – bagged – homemade kind. The Amish are great for heart food backups like cheese – bread – and pie.

  31. As far as your poll goes, I put you should go with beef chili but I really think you should try and find yourself some Bison and make Bison chili. Sounds like something you’d eat on the Oregon Trail right?

    My favorite Thanksgiving dish is the Yugoslavian dumplings (aka Gnocchi) my grandma makes with this awesome chicken goulash for the sauce.

  32. I’ve been eying both of these books over at Amazon! p.s. definitely bought My Bread after your recommendation…I LOVE it.

    My favorite Thanksgiving dish…I can’t pick just one, it’s the combination that I love! Stuffing, mashed potatoes, peas, and crescent rolls all covered with gravy. I’m a mess, but it’s DELICIOUS!

  33. Okay, so everyone is talking about green bean casserole… but my favorite is broccoli casserole! When I learned how to make it on my own, I was totally grossed out (it involves cream cheese, american cheese, bread crumbs and tons of butter), but it is delicious and I’ve been experimenting with new cheeses recently. Yum.

    Can’t wait ’til Thanksgiving and hope I win these cookbooks! I’ve been quietly reading the blog for a while… I’m a first time commenter because I love baking with chocolate that much!

  34. My family would say the generations-old sage stuffing recipe we make every year, but honestly? For me? It’s all about the garlic smashed potatoes and mushroom gravy. Mmmmmm…….

  35. I’d have to go with something similar to Justin’s suggestion: mashed sweet potatoes with brown sugar and marshmallows. Peel, boil, mash/puree, add brown sugar, a hint of cinnamon, some butter, and a buttload of mini marshmallows on top and bake until they’re slightly brown.

    It’s my favourite because it’s a veggie side dish, but it tastes like dessert! The evening sandwich is so much tastier with a smidgen of this dolloped on top of the turkey, gravy, stuffing, and mashed potatoes!

  36. my favorite thanksgiving dish is definitely mashed potatoes. made with cream and TOO MUCH butter. in the entirely good way that too much butter leaves.


  37. By far my favorite Thanksgiving recipe is candied yams with brown sugar and mini marshmallows. My aunt tops them with crushed graham crackers as well. I can't wait to eat them!

  38. Sweet potato with marshmallows, walnuts, and brown sugar. SO delicious! Personally, I prefer not to completely puree/mash the sweet potatoes before baking, I like the textured “bite” you get when you leave the sweet potato in tasty little chunks, and then the marshmallow gets all gooey but crispy-caramelized on top….MMMM! Love it!

  39. My fav growing up was the roasted goose -yes it can be greasy if not cooked right but man! Crazy yummy. If you’re a dark meat fan like I am this is the holiday bird for you, skip the nasty dry flavourless turkey breast nonsense. And with a side of mashed turnips to cut the fat with a little acidity? Outta sight!!

  40. Hey Nick, great giveaway, thank-you!
    I hate to be boring but my fave is the old fashioned sweet potatoes with pecans topped with golden brown mini marshmallows. I only have it on Thanksgiving and therefor it is special and eagerly awaited every year. 8-)

  41. My favorite Thanksgiving dishes are ones that I make every year, and if I didn’t, would get into big trouble with the family: my Mom’s famous turkey – tomato juice, red wine, carrots, and celery, it smells like fresh baked bread and is so juicy; my sister-in-law’s-inspired stuffing – bread, spicy Italian sausages, wild rice, chestnuts; and Paul Prudhomme’s sweet potato-pecan pie. Thanks for the chance to win the books, love your site! Michele

  42. My favorite dish is easily Spinach Madeline. It’s how I learned I liked spinach (I know, I know, it’s slathered in cheese, but still, the kid-cultural backlash against what’s now one of my favorite foods can take any means necessary to overcome) and for years now has been the dish my grandmother and I cook together – we take out the faded, handwritten-note-filled cookbook she helped create years ago with a society of women as a fundraiser for the symphony (and I wrote an anthro-ish paper about in undergraduate) and begin with sauteing onions in butter…that smell takes me right back to her kitchen, learning to cook for the first time. Of course, we always change things up a bit, but it’s always delicious – creamy with a punch of heat from cayenne pepper. mmm.

    …and not that it’s a dish, but the sampler platter I concoct on my dessert plate from the array of desserts is quite stunning, to say the least. I’m a sugar addict and total chocoholic, and handily out-eat all the large men in my family when it comes to Thanksgiving dessert: pecan pie, caramel cake, chocolate cake, toffee trifle…

  43. My absolute favorite Thanksgiving dish is stuffing. I just can’t get enough of it. I know you have a recipe in the archives for a killer stuffing, which I am tempted to try this year. Anyway, thanks for a great website and for holding this contest. Hope I win!

  44. My "favorite" Thanksgiving dish is one I have never eaten, but it is so essential to my family: my grandma's mince pie. Every year in the second week of November, the "little old ladies of the Methodist church" get together and spend all day making a huge quantity of "mince." The recipe includes cranberries, cinnamon, dark rum, cloves, and – yes – heaps and heaps of beef. The resulting concoction is canned for use throughout the winter holiday season. It is used in desserts, and the older members of my family always save room for a slice of mince pie a la mode. I probably won't really sit at the grown-up table until I try some. Maybe this year…

  45. Hmm….

    The dish I ALWAYS eat first is my own candied pecan sweet potatoes, so delish….

    or the green beans with bacon and some spicyness.

  46. I can’t get enough cornbread during Thanksgiving. I know it’s more of like a side dish, but to me, it’s just as awesome as the turkey or mashed potatoes.

  47. M-m-m-m-m………
    Roasted Root Veg: butternut, carrot, turnip, parsnip, rutabaga with fresh sage…..and
    Roasted Brussels Spouts with toasted hazelnuts and fresh nutmeg……..and
    Fresh Cranberry Relish with ‘roasted’ shallots and port…..
    It’s gotta be the roasting that stirs the Thanksgiving senses.

  48. My fellow Americans,
    Every year around this time, our thoughts turn towards autumn leaves and the coming winter. From the streets of New York to the sandy beaches of California, we all take the time celebrate the bounty of the harvest. To celebrate a uniquely American tradition. A tradition that brings families together and teaches our children a value we hold dear: sharing.

    And every year, when my family gathers around the table, there is one dish that will assuredly be there. One dish that, no matter what we tell Michelle’s mother, she still brings anyway: jello mold. Now, jello mold is an interesting dish. While I suspect it was not on the menu at the first Thanksgiving, I am nearly certain that it has been a staple at every Thanksgiving table since then.

    And what is jello mold? Be it orange or cherry or lime, the flavor of the jello itself varies year to year and table to table. But every family has someone who, without fail, brings the jello mold. That aunt or Gramma who thinks that everyone just loves a lil’ jello mold with their turkey and mashed potatoes. And days later, as the leftovers get picked over, the jello mold remains. A staunch, jiggly reminder of our annual feast.

    Malia and Sasha always thank Gramma for the jello mold, even though I have asked them not to. It’s a tradition, for better or worse, and one not soon to be broken.

    God bless us all and God bless America.

    B. Obama

  49. Thanks for the comments everyone! (Especially you Mr. President.)

    The winners are #23 Niki and #40 Kenneth! I’ll be emailing you both with details!

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