Around the Internet Kitchen: Book Club Edition


Around the Internet Kitchen: Book Club Edition

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So I’m in a book club and it is kind of dorky but also awesome. The main purpose of the book club is definitely not the book, but the food/wine that come with the club.

So I love that.

I like to read, but I must say that sometimes I don’t finish the book. Or start the book. And that is OK.

It just means that I amass a large collection of books that I intend to read someday.

Anyway, let’s talk about what you want me to make next week.

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And how about some links!

Double Food Stamps – Fresh Farms just announced that they will be doubling the value of food stamps at the Farmer’s Markets which is really awesome. I hope that this sort of idea spreads around to promote good, quality food. (@ Washington City Paper)

Canny Bloggers – My friends over at The Bitten Word, Clay and Zach, had an awesome profile in the Post this week about the revival of the canning revolution. Pretty cool stuff. (@ Washington Post)

All of England on a Bun – I was recently in the UK and the full English breakfast is a very good thing. Something that I figured, at the time, could not be improved on. This was until I saw that you could easily shove it all in a sandwich. Even better. (@ Endless Simmer)

Tarragon Garlic Pickles – I’ve never made pickles before but I’ve always wanted to. This looks like about a good a start as any. (@ Ruhlman)

Have a good weekend everyone!

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  1. My friends have been trying to get me to join their book club but I just can't get myself to read books unless I'm REALLY interested. I kind of want to start a book club for cookbooks. People would read a specific cookbook and each pick a dish and have a dinner party using one of the recipes from the cookbook. And then we can discuss the writing style, type of food used, etc.

  2. Re: Italian/Asian Fusion

    Thai/Italian is a delightful fusion. Thai is "the Italian" of Asia using many of the same ingredients:




    fish sauce/anchovies (remember garum?)

    fresh seafood, meats, fowl & veggies

    Try a pasta sauce for starters and go from there!

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