Around the Internet Kitchen: Bon Voyage!


Around the Internet Kitchen: Bon Voyage!

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So Betsy and I leave for our little European vacation tonight. It doesn’t quite feel like we are leaving yet. I’m sure it will hit me when I’m on the plane. But, I am super-excited. I’ve never been to Europe and I’m excited to hang out in some new places and see some new sites.

It should go without saying that I’ll be trying all kinds of new foods while I’m there (Look out Haggis, here I come!) Hopefully, it’ll give me some new ideas for food that I can bring home and make back state-side.

A few administrative notes: Obviously, I’ll be a bit less available for the next two weeks or so. Feel free to shoot me an email or Tweet anyway though. I’ll answer you when I get a few minutes. I do have a bunch of posts scheduled for Macheesmo. They won’t be everyday, but you can count on 4 or 5 a week. Depending on my schedule I might find time to squeeze in an update or two from Europe. (Do castles have wireless?)

I also bought an international data plan for the month today for my phone, so I’m planning on tweeting a bit while I’m there. Be sure to follow me if you want to get such updates as “Scotland has good Scotch” and “Amsterdam has good…. stuff.”

OK. Anyway… a few links!

Freeze That Thought – I think the freezer is probably the most poorly used appliance in my kitchen. I’m really bad at using it correctly. I know how to use it correctly, but for some reason, I can just never take that final step to actually storing stuff in there. That really has to change. This article was inspiring and made me want to delve into the world of freezing. (@ The Minimalist)

Mac and Cheese Revisited – Wow. Holy comfort food. By my count, nine amazing mac and cheese recipes are given in this post. If I had to guess I would say that all of them probably rock. (@ The Bitten Word)

Rhubarb Tart Fail – There has been a lot of rhubarb in the food blog world these last few weeks. It was the subject of a recent foodie fight and Greg over at Sippity Sup did nothing but rhubarb for, like, weeks. But what I like about this post is that it is wonderfully written (no surprise) and that it perfectly shows how sometimes you think something is going to be so perfect and it ends up pretty average. (@ David Lebovitz)

OMG Kettle Corn – Ok. That is the actual title of this post, but if the title had just been Kettle Corn, I would have probably added the OMG anyway. Homemade kettle corn? Please. Sounds awesome. (@ Chaos in the Kitchen)

Have a good weekend everyone!

Photo by Florriebassingbourn.

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  1. am i the only one who got a good chuckle out of “amsterdam has good…stuff.”???

    be safe, nick! i hope yall have loads of fun, and enjoy lots of STUFF.

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