Around the Internet Kitchen – Beards!


Around the Internet Kitchen – Beards!

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My beard is in full effect right now and I’m loving it. I always try to grow it out around November because it helps with the early walks to work, but I can only keep it for a few months because it gets unbearably hot around March or April.

So these are the months of the beard. Sometimes people think that beards are unclean, but with a bit of maintenance I think they can look quite professional. Any guy who can grow a beard, you should probably do it.

But this site isn’t about beards, it’s about food. So here are some links!

Just Add Bourbon – Best thing to drink with a beard? Bourbon of course. I just discovered this site yesterday and it is very cool. Not only does it give you tons of history about bourbon, but also a bunch of recipes that involve bourbon. I used to bartend and, let me tell you, when it is done correctly, a bourbon cocktail is maybe the best thing in the world.

Brown Butter Brown Sugar Cookies – I mean come on. These look completely decadent, but they only have 6 ingredients and one of them is optional. I’m adding these to my short list of cookies for the upcoming Christmas holiday. A very solid recipe and Deb is an awesome photographer and writer so check it out! (@ Smitten Kitchen)

Cinnamon Cappuccino Pecan SconesThis recipe wins the award for most things to pack into a scone. I’m not sure you could put more stuff in a scone or it wouldn’t even be a scone anymore. It would be just some mutant baking creation. Luckily though, the line is not crossed and these look delicious. (@ King Arthur Flour)

Pita Bread At Home – Much like Pete, I never had pita bread growing up. In fact, I never really had it until late in college so it is a bit of a mystery to me. I’m not really sure how it gets so… pita-ey. But Pete does a great job of explaining it. The recipe actually looks pretty simple and his photos are very helpful. (@ Pete Bakes)

Decorative Pie Edges – A very simple photo guide through various pie edges. Want to know how to make a crimped edge or even a leafed edge? This is your page. (@ Recipe TIps)

The Perfect Pecan Pie – I am far from a pecan pie expert, but this one looks pretty good. The one caveat is that is uses an ingredient called golden syrup which I have never seen, eaten, or even heard of. She does lists a great replacement, but I’m sure that will make it slightly imperfect. In any event, great recipe! (@ The Traveler’s Lunchbox)

Have a good weekend everybody!

Photo by Dunechaser.

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  1. I’m off to order some golden syrup. My secret ingredient for pecan pie is a couple of tablespoons of good bourbon, like Wild Turkey. As a former bartender, what’s your favorite brand?

  2. My go-to is probably maker’s mark, but for special occasions I like woodford reserve as well.

    Frankly though they are all pretty darn good. My palate is not terribly discerning when it comes to bourbon :)

  3. Nick, good call on the Maker’s Mark and the season of beards. Mine is in full effect due to finals. Like any athlete worth his whiskers, the playoff beard is a necessity during this time of year.

    I wish I could give some advice on other bourbons to try but, quite honestly, Maker’s and Woodford’s are where it’s at.

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