Around the Internet Kitchen: Beards!


Around the Internet Kitchen: Beards!

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I’ve decided to re-grow my beard this year for a number of reasons. First, with our Italy trip looming I feel it necessary to try to fit in with the local hairy men as much as possible. Second, with our Colorado move also looming, I feel it necessary to look like a lumberjack hippie.

But you should never really need a reason to grow a beard. They are just that cool.

The jury is out on mustaches though. Sometimes those just look creepy.

On a completely different note, while I was in Atlanta last weekend I ate an absurd amount of cookies. This weekend I want to make some of my own to see if I can do better. I’ll let you pick the variety.

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And a few links…

Parmesan Cones – Ok. So I’m not positive that I’m technically skilled enough to pull these guys off, but I did make a Parmesan sheet by accident once! These are really inventive though if you can master the Parmesan baking part. (@ Sugar Laws)

Keep the Zest It always happens. I need zest for a recipe. I zest a lemon. I forget about the lemon. It hardens like a rock on my counter. This is a pretty smart way to make dried zest so you can use it for later! (@ Cupcake Project)

Potato Taquitos – I’m starting to realize that you can put leftover mashed potatoes in almost anything and it will instantly improved. Traditional Tex-Mex foods are a good example. (@ Pinch My Salt)

Daily Candy Corn – Real candy corn! Amazing and delicious looking. Also though, be sure to click on over to Daily Candy where you can vote for Homeroom (the restaurant that Local Lemons is starting) to win a small business award! Cool stuff. (@ Local Lemons)

Have a great weekend everyone!

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  1. lumberjack hippie – I just laughed out loud in my office! Never mind a mustache looking creepy, it is creepy to kiss a man with facial hair – just my opinion ;-) have a good weekend -I'm off to check out your links

  2. Yay for beards! My boyfriend just grew one "for the season", as he says, and yesterday he was disturbed by the amount of people at work of BOTH sexes who just came up and touched his face, with no hesitation or explanation. So… get ready.

    Oh, and a standalone mustache is creepy, but if it's part of the whole beard ensemble, it's just fine. In fact, a beard without a mustache is kind of Abe Lincoln-y.

  3. On the beard subject, I saw a group of the short films featured at the DC Short Films festival on Wednesday at E Street. One of the shorts was a 15 min documentary of a guy going up to Anchorage to participate in the International Beard and Mustache competition, or something like that. It was pretty hysterical and some of these beards looked more like sculptures. Maybe you could compete next year!

  4. If you have a beard, you're trying to convince people you're cool. If you have a mustache, you're too cool to have to convince people of anything.

    But I agree, it is weird to kiss a man with facial hair.

    When do you come to CO?

  5. Any bright ideas for long term storage of the juice from a zested lemon? My biggest issue is using all the rind but not needing the juice. I've considered adding the juice to my many glasses of water a day, but that's a pregnancy craving that has come and gone.

    Epiphany: Had one whilst typing above comment! I can freeze the juice like I do unused portions of chicken and veggie stock in ice cube trays!

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