Around the Internet Kitchen: Bare Bones


Around the Internet Kitchen: Bare Bones

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For the next week or so I’m living in a completely empty apartment. It’s kind of weird actually. Just me, an air mattress, Tipsy the cat, and some random stuff like my laptop, camera, and kitchen essentials.

It reminds me a lot of backpacking in the wilderness. Of course, I’m not as disconnected as I am in the wilderness but there’s still the feeling of vulnerability and nakedness when you’re in an empty apartment.

Also, I could throw an awesome apartment party right now. But I’m not sure that my landlord would love that and I want that security deposit back!

Instead of a poll this week, leave a comment if you want me to make a specific one-pot dish (or try to turn something into a one pot dish). I’ll pick something from the comments and make it next week!

A few links!

18 Gelati – So this would’ve been another way I could’ve captured my time in Italy. I think I had gelato everyday… sometimes twice. Betsy got sick of it but not me. I love my ice cream and it’s one of my infinite foods (I can eat as much of it as you put in front of me.) (@ Love and Olive Oil)

Deep Dish Pizza is Actually Pie – Ok. So the recipe in this post is awesome and is based on my deep dish pizza which is based on a Cook’s Illustrated recipe. But never mind all of that. What I want to draw your attention to in this post is the awesome ICEING that occurs. (@ The Food In My Beard)

Pumpkin Cheesecake with Nutella – It’s definitely pumpkin season and even though I don’t have a sweet tooth really (except for ice cream), this caught my eye and made me pretty darn hungry. I love many things about this recipe, but I really like the homemade crust. It’s the little things. (@ Vanilla Sugar)

S’More Doughnuts – I know. I said I don’t have a sweet tooth. For some reason though this week I do and I found myself drooling over recipes like this. I can’t imagine how many of these I could eat. Probably like a bajillion. (@ Tartelette)

Three Olive Tapenade – Ha! Not a dessert! The other thing I really miss about Italy already is the olives. So this caught my eye immediately. (@ Former Chef)

Have a great weekend everybody!

Oh. As an aside, I’m sending out my first Macheesmo Newsletter on Monday. So sign-up!

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  1. Creepy! You guys are actually moving. That's insane! I hope it all goes smoothly. As far as something to make–dinner oatmeal? It's chilly, oats are cheap, and I'm cheap too. =) I've always wondered how I could eat oatmeal for dinner….

  2. Haven't been to the site in a while – it looks great!

    I don't know if this is a one-pot meal, or if you've done it before, but I would love to see a home-made cream of mushroom soup. My parents and I are going to my fiance's house for Thanksgiving (it's their first time going to his mom's house), and I offered to bring green bean casserole. Sure I could use canned soup, but I want it to be something really special, you know?

  3. Here is a recipe I got from my mother, take a 1/2 pound of ground beef and brown it up While you are browning the meat, put a pot of water on to boil and cook 1/2 cup of macaroni or desired pasta shape. When meat is browned, dump in one can of diced tomatoes. When pasta is done drain and add to beef and tomato mixture. Season you like (I add Tabasco sauce ) . We just had it today made with ground turkey.

  4. Ugh, I don't envy you the moving process–which absolutely sucks. However, while you are in "bare bones cooking mode", I'd like to see some sort of traditional chili or stew recipe. I think it's the perfect weather for it. :-) Plus it makes enough you won't have to cook as many meals while you wait to move, right?

  5. Thanks for including my tapenade in your round up. I'm honored. :-)

    Question…I left you a comment on your Italy photos post a couple of days ago and I'm not seeing it. I'm wondering if you got it or did I do something lame like not click on "submit comment?"

  6. It's only just occurred to me recently that you're moving from the east coast to Colorado. What's the elevation difference between the two places? How and will this affect your cooking? And on a selfish note, how will this affect your recipe posting, as I'm still and east coaster?
    Best of luck on your impending road trip with Tipsy!!

  7. I am so glad to hear I am not the only one who had more than one gelato a day in Italy! Actually I had the best gelato in Mykonos ;-) Good luck with the move Nick

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