Around the Internet Kitchen: Bake Sale!


Around the Internet Kitchen: Bake Sale!

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I’m one of the bloggers participating in a fun bake sale this weekend at the DuPont Farmer’s Market. From 9AM to 11AM this Sunday, you’ll be able to buy delicious baked goods from a variety of DC food bloggers.

What am I making you wonder? Well… you’ll have to show up at Zorba’s Cafe between 9-11 so you can see for yourself! And if you happen to not be in DC, then you can also just wait for me to post on it which I will in good time ;)

All the proceeds go to Doctors without Borders so come buy some stuff! Given the list of bloggers baking, I bet there will be some good loot there.

For the poll this week, I let Betsy browse through the new Bon Appetit and mark a few recipes. These are her favorites… you guys pick one for me to make next week.

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And just a handful of links:

A Sweet Problem – Ok. So it turns out that maybe those HFCS commercials are a bit misleading after all. This new study shows that even if you eat the same caloric amount of HFCS and sugar, HFCS will cause more weight gain. Ouch. (@ Princeton)

Sugar Content of Common Foods – What has more sugar? A Krispy Kreme donut or one serving of Yoplait yogurt? I’ll tell you that it’s not even close. That and other shocking sugar-stuffed foods in this post. (@ Summer Tomato)

The Complete Olive – A very long-time Macheesmo reader (she actually was the very first person to ever comment on my About page) has started a new fun endeavor dedicated to Mediterranean Food. I love me some olives. Swing by her new site and check it out!

Things Restaurant Patrons Shouldn’t Do – A pretty funny list of things you should try to avoid doing if you go out to eat. Most of them fall under the, “Be nice to others.” category. Servers are people too! There’s some good comments also. (@ Endless Simmer)

Happy Weekend Everybody! If you’re in the area, come to the bake sale!

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  1. Thanks for the article on HFCS. Now I know where my spare tire came from and let me tell you, once you get an HFCS spare tire, all of the WeightWatchers and exercise in the world is useless. Let’s just hope I cut the stuff out of my diet in time to not keel over dead.

    I started looking up honey which I have been using a lot lately in place of sugar. The wikipedia page for HFCS came up in my search and I saw something scary there for your own heads up. Here is the quote:

    Honey is a mixture of different types of sugars, water, and small amounts of other compounds. Honey typically has a fructose/glucose ratio similar to HFCS 55, as well as containing some sucrose and other sugars. Like HFCS, honey contains water and has approximately 3 kcal per gram. Because of its similar sugar profile and lower price, HFCS has been used illegally to “stretch” honey. As a result, checks for adulteration no longer test for sugar but instead test for minute quantities of proteins that can be used to differentiate between HFCS and honey.

    Yikes! The other thing I bumped into was information that commercial beekeepers often use HFCS instead of cane sugar or beet sugar water to feed their bees. This could be contributing to colony collapse disorder but worse than that, does it contaminate the honey? HFCS is often made from genetically engineered corn.

    The moral of my rant? Buy your honey from local beekeepers who can tell you what they feed their bees and will tell you if the honey is pure.

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