Around the Internet Kitchen – Aprons!


Around the Internet Kitchen – Aprons!

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If aprons were currency, I’d be a wealthy man. Well, actually I would just have two units of currency, but that is two more than I had before Christmas. Bets got me fabulous yellow apron with the Macheesmo logo on it which you will no doubt see on the site soon. But also, my loving mother got both of us matching aprons. Hers says “Taste tester” underneath if you can’t read it.

Ok. Enough with the cuteness. Here are some links on food!

Grocery Shopping Tips to Save Some Dough – The economy continues to sort of whither and even if you are flush with cash you might want to consider trying to hang on to some of it. Even if you spend 15-30 minutes a week and save $10, that adds up over a year or two. This is a good starter list on the subject. (@ My Wooden Spoon)

Vietnamese Caramel Shrimp – For some reason I’ve been on a caramel kick this week. From the caramel corn I posted yesterday to a brunch dish tomorrow that also involves the sweet stuff. This recipe adds to the list of things with caramel that I want. Mainly just because it sounds like a really interesting combination. (@ Closet Cooking)

Grandma’s Chocolate Fudge – Not my Grandma’s fudge recipe, but a grandma’s fudge recipe. And it looks like she knows her fudge. I don’t even really love fudge, but I love dried fruit and booze and both of those things are in this fudge recipe. So I’ll take it. Photos are very pretty also. (@ White on Rice Couple)

Prime Rib Sushi. You Heard me Right.– Umm. I’m not really sure what to think about this. Skeptical? A bit. Interested? Definitely. I would devour a roll or two of these guys I’m sure. Also get to practice my sushi rolling which I haven’t done in awhile. Very cool idea. (@ What We’re Eating)

Sweet Arborio Rice Pudding – I really like rice pudding. But I don’t think I’ve ever had with arborio rice which also happens to be my favorite rice. So you know I’m gonna want to eat this. No need for small ramekins though, I’ll take mine in one big bowl thanks. (@ off the (meat)hook)

Have a nice weekend everyone. Check back tomorrow for that brunch dish that involves caramel.

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