Around the Internet Kitchen – Anticipation


Around the Internet Kitchen – Anticipation

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There are oh so many things I can’t wait for on this very cold Friday. First, I get my brand new camera today! I went with the Canon XSi and bought a nice 50mm lens to stick on the front. Hopefully, this will help me step up the photos on this site a bit.

Second, I managed to score inauguration tickets because I’m from WY. I’m not really sure where I will be standing/sitting, but it should be a fun (cold) time no matter what.

I’ll probably be Tweeting some updates from the day, so be sure to follow me on Twitter.

Now for some links!

Fresh Start in the Kitchen – My boy Mark Bittman wrote an awesome article about ways to clean up your kitchen. Things to keep and things to throw away. It’s a pretty solid list. Some of his ideas may not be practical, but some of his advice is very true: “I’ve never put lemon on something and regret it.” (@ The Minimalist)

Foodstuffs as Usernames on Twitter – This is really sad to read if you are an active Twitter user. These names are SO good and would be very awesome twitter accounts. Stuff like @bacon, @coffee, and @butter are going to waste. Funny article though. (@ Serious Eats)

Chinese Fried Rice– I really love Chinese food, especially in the Winter, but it’s not my specialty. In fact, I don’t really make it at all because I find it pretty intimidating. Simple recipes like this give me hope though. I think I could handle this guy. Oh, and Kay takes some of the best photos on the Interweb. Check it out. (@ Kayotic)

Belle of the Bowl – It is almost Super Bowl season and I’m constantly on the lookout for awesome snacks to make. This is one of the better ones I’ve found and Cathy never disappoints with her recipes. The name isn’t very descriptive but they are twisted bread sticks with Pepperoni pizza sauce. Good stuff. (@ Noble Pig)

Honey Cinnamon Beef Ribs – This is pretty much everything I want in a warming Winter dish all rolled into one. The marinate looks delicious and I can imagine the interesting flavors going on here. I wonder how the same sauce would work on chicken wings… hmmmm… (@ The Hungry Mouse)

Have a good weekend everybody!

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