Around the Internet Kitchen: And The Award Goes To…


Around the Internet Kitchen: And The Award Goes To…

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Well, color me shocked. Thanks to all of you awesome readers who took the time to nominate me for a Foodbuzz Award! Over 3500 people filled out the nomination form, so I was pretty thrilled to see my name down. I was picked as a finalist for the category of “Blogger you would most like to cook a meal for you.” And when it comes down to it, I think that is the most flattering category that was available!

I have some pretty stiff competition though. Frankly, I’m happy to even be listed in link form next to these sites. The other sites/bloggers nominated for the award were Kath Eats, Smitten Kitchen, Taste with the Eyes, and Viet World Kitchen.

So if you can spare a moment, go check out all other nominations and vote! Voting for me is, of course, encouraged.

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And now for some links!


Gourmet to All That – A great op-ed from the creator of Cook’s Illustrated about the closing of Gourmet mag and what it means for the publication industry. I must say that I was a bit worried when I read this that I’m “part of the problem” because I’m not a trained chef, but I decided that I’m not part of the problem because my site isn’t the first thing that comes up when you google broccoli casserole. And if it was the first thing that came up, my recipe would rock. And I subscribed to Cook’s Illustrated today. So there. (@ NY Times)

Rosemary Lemon Cookies – Ok. So I was going through mild withdrawals. Not a big deal. I would just occasionally scream at my cat about how Pete has fallen off the blogosphere. He’s back though. With a very good explanation and a solid cookie recipe. So my RSS Feed is right again. (@ Pete Bakes)

Brown Butter Pound Cake – There are some recipes that seem almost evil. They look too good to be actually Good. With a capital G. I feel like I could be lured to do very bad things if this cake was dangled in front of me. That’s all I’m saying about that. (@ Sassy Radish)

Sticky Salty Sweet Granola – I made granola last week, but I must say that this stuff looks very good. And the second photo in this post is a fantastic food photo. I stared at it for longer than I’d like to admit. But really all the photos are inspiring and the recipe looks great. (@ Local Lemons)

Have a good (hopefully long) weekend everyone!

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  1. Wow! You're definitely the blogger you would most like to cook a meal for me. But if for some strange reason you don't win–without a doubt, I'd vote for you as the ex-roommate I'd most like to cook dinner for me. I like your use of veggies.

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