Around the Internet Kitchen: Against the Odds


Around the Internet Kitchen: Against the Odds

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A few weeks ago I randomly submitted a photo to the Washingtonian monthly photo contest and somehow I managed to make it to the finals. The winning photo gets printed in the August issue of The Washingtonian which would be awesome. But oh wait. There’s more. This month’s winner also gets:

Four Washington Mystics tickets.

And this is where my unhealthy competitive nature kicks in. I don’t like professional basketball. I’ve never watched a NBA game live and I’ve never watched a WNBA game period. All of that said, I want to win those freakin’ tickets.

Based on Google stalking, I’ve determined that I’m up against at least two professional photographers so my chances are slim. But I’m not giving up those tickets without a fight. I’ve unabashedly emailed people I haven’t spoken to in years pleading for a vote. When I see someone walking down the street with an iPhone I stop them and make them vote for me.

I want those tickets. Which, if I win, I will promptly donate to a family that would actually enjoy the game.

So if you are reading this, and I haven’t already bothered you incessantly to vote for me, would you mind rushing over to the photo contest page and voting for me?

Also, while you have your voting hat on, you can vote for a dish you would like to see on Macheesmo next Thursday!

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Now for a few links!

How Food Makers Capture Our Brains – A really great article on how food producers use chemistry and advertising to make it basically impossible to resist their food. I can attest that this is true as I live with a Doritos-aholic. She has a hard time sleeping with even a half-filled bag of Doritos in the house. (@ NY Times)

Peach Pie – I’ve never actually made a homemade peach pie before which is funny because it’s one of my absolute favorite things. As always, Pete brings it and shows how to do it right. (@ Pete Bakes)

Honey Vanilla Ice Cream – Now Pete would probably say that his pie doesn’t need ice cream, but if you insist, this ice cream looks about as good as it gets. Also, Katy recently celebrated Page View 1 million. That’s serious business for a blogger. (@ Sugar Laws)

Have a good weekend everyone and vote for me if you have a second!

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  1. Alright I voted for you.

    Funny comment on the post over there:

    “First prize is four tickets to a Mystics game? What’s second prize, eight tickets to a Mystics game?”


  2. voted. looks like you’re doing well so far. but seriously dude, mystics tickets? i used to intern for george michael’s sports machine and wanted to stab myself in the eye when i had to log highlights for a mystics game. um, there are no highlights.

  3. Honey Vanilla Ice Cream kicks butt, we use a Honey Ice Cream at work to top a strawberry/rhubarb cobbler. Once the cobbler gets out of the oven (about 5 mins to warm through) then it gets a scoop of the ice cream. We make all our own ice creams and sorbets in house. Shoot, I need to stop saying ‘we’, my externship ends tonight.

  4. I usually only lurk from my Google Reader, but I voted today AND I stopped by to leave a comment! I saw Pete’s peach pie this week, and I must say – it looked divine!

  5. Voted for your pic..and left comment. Hope you win…just for the sake of winning! Good luck. I’m going to check out the peach pie, although the stores in Canada haven’t received their fresh peaches yet. May have to wait a bit.

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