Around the Internet Kitchen: Aftermath


Around the Internet Kitchen: Aftermath

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It’s possible that I still have a food coma from yesterday. There was much food consumed. I was a bit nervous because I was in charge of the Thanksgiving bird at Betsy’s family’s house this year. Luckily everything turned out well though.

This morning, possibly, while you are reading this, I’m making cranberry blintzes in an attempt to use up some spare cranberry sauce from yesterday.

When I get back to DC tomorrow though, Betsy has demanded at least a week of healthy eating to combat the ever-expanding elastic waistband that comes with the holidays every year.

So let’s make something healthy. I’ll let you decide.

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A few links while you eat your leftovers…

5 Creative, Simple, and Frugal Uses for Leftovers – There’s a good chance that you have some leftover turkey sitting in the fridge right now. Here’s some awesome uses for it! (@ Wisebread)

Homemade Kettle Corn – I’ve made various versions of popcorn on Macheesmo before, but this one looks especially delicious. May have to give it a shot over the holidays. (@ Pinch My Salt)

Beet, Leek, and Goat Cheese Tart – I’ve been on a real beet kick lately although I haven’t posted any beet recipes (one is coming next week). This tart is freakin’ beautiful though. (@ Former Chef)

Alton Brown and Google Food News – As the kids say, I’m so totally Jelly (jealous get it?) because Allison got to hang (somewhat briefly but whateva) with one of my favorite food personalities. Although it does look like he could gain back a few of those pounds he lost… (@ Local Lemons)

Have a great lazy weekend everyone! I’m going to be lazy and take the weekend off, but I’ll be back Monday morning!

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  1. Have to toss this in as a superb way to use up leftover turkey (and will leave you wishing you had more): white chicken chili. Just substitue the turkey for the chicken!! Perfect for football season & cold weather!

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