Around the Internet Kitchen – A Tundra


Around the Internet Kitchen – A Tundra

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If you read this post, you might have picked up on the fact that I’m currently in Wyoming which is where I grew up. Not only is Wyoming very cold, but it is also barren (where I live), windy, dry. Frankly it is unlivable if not for the modern inventions of hot chocolate and bourbon.

Right now it is 12 degrees outside with 35 mph winds from the West. The temperature with wind chill is -9. I’m sure that may not be the coldest weather in America, but it is pretty darn cold for someone used to DC swamp life.

Let’s get some links in to warm the soul.

Holiday Would You Rather… This is one of my favorite features over at So Good. Eick comes up with interesting would you rathers and people vote on their choices. For this one I’m partial to option one. While 5 gallons of eggnog would take some time, I can’t fathom eating 10 fruitcakes. No chance. (@ So Good)

Good Kitchen Gadgets. Michael Ruhlman elaborates on some kitchen gadgets that he thinks are worth their salt. As I’ve said before, I’m not one for ridiculous kitchen gadgets. All the things he mentions though are reasonable and while I don’t have all of them (mandoline), I’m working on it. (@ Michael Ruhlman)

Champagne Tastes on a Cava Budget. Some good stories and background on the history of champagne along with some good alternatives if you don’t want to blow your budget on that magnum of Krug. I went to a wedding recently that only served Freixenet and all of the bridesmaids had shirts that said, “JUST GIVE ME MY FREIXENET.” (@ Blue Kitchen)

Hot Chocolate with Caramel and Cinnamon. Speaking of hot chocolate, this recipe looks awesome. I might make some of this later today and maybe add some liquor because it’s the holidays, Dude. Maybe some Brandy or the suggested rum? (@ Apple Pie, Patis & Pâté)

Enjoy the last weekend of 2008!

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