Around the Internet Kitchen: A True Present


Around the Internet Kitchen: A True Present

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The next week or so can sometimes be a frantic rush to find the perfect gift for a loved one or friend. Sometimes it’s really important, I think, to take a step back and remember that it’s really not the gifts that make the next few weeks a special time.

It’s spending time with people that you love and, at least for me, spending time with people that I don’t frequently see. Next weekend I’ll be hoppin’ a plane to go home to Wyoming for 10 days! It’s very exciting. Betsy is coming with me like she did last year – talk about a sign of true love. Wyoming. In December. For 10 days.

The cold isn’t so bad though. We”ll spend our time making a lot of delicious food, reading good books, and taking lots of naps. As you can see, Tipsy has a head start on me for that last one. She is such a strange creature. Turns out if you hang a bunch of dangly and shiny things above her, she won’t attack them like I thought she would. Instead, she will sleep under them for hours on end.

Also, please do not mock my mini-tree. I chopped it down myself.

Ok. That’s a lie. But still. No mocking!

There’s no poll this week because I have a full Macheesmo agenda of holiday cookies for next week. Yes that’s correct. A week of cookies. If you don’t already, you should probably subscribe to the feed or get the email updates just to make sure you don’t miss a day of cookies!

A few links!

Soft Ginger Cookies – Well, I am making a week of cookies next week, but I don’t have any ginger cookies planned. (But it’s possible my plans might change). Anyway, I actually really like soft ginger cookies so these look pretty darn good to me. (@ My Baking Addiction)

Candy Cane & Eggnog Macarons – Macarons are not cookies! But they kind of are. Last week I went to grab some of the best Macarons in DC (or at least the best I’ve had). I got them at ACKC and ever since I’ve been sort of macaron obsessed. These seem holiday appropriate! (@ Tartelette)

Warm Eggnog – I can’t wait to mix up my first batch of eggnog. It will be happening very soon I think now that I’ve seen this recipe. (@ No Recipes)

Brussel Sprouts with Bacon and Pears – Brussel sprouts are the veggie love of my life. Rivka actually uses veggie bacon for her version, but I would use the real stuff I reckon. (@ Not Derby Pie)

Have a great weekend everyone!

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  1. We use to live in Bozeman, MT and in Colorado. I know what you mean about the cold.

    Love your tree. That is too cute. But I think its Tipsy that makes the picture. :)

  2. That IS true love. Paul dragged me to Minneapolis for a job five years ago, and as I sit here looking at the thermometer that read -1 temps outside, I am considering divorce if he doesn’t get me out of here soon.

    We have a Charlie Brown tree, too. I actually just put it up last night and I waited with bated breath see if 1 1/2 year old Trevor would mistake it for a toy. Jury is still out.

    Bring on the cookies!!

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