Around the Internet Kitchen – 1997 Edition


Around the Internet Kitchen – 1997 Edition

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The DOW Industrial Average closed yesterday at 6,594. The last time the stock market hit levels this low was in 1997. Talk about time machine economics. It’s crazy to think that twelve years of gains have been completely wiped out.

Here are some other things that happened in 1997…

  • Jan. 20 – President Clinton is inaugurated for his second term in office.
  • Feb. 4 – OJ Simpson is found liable in civil court for murder and ordered to pay $35 million.
  • Feb. 25 – I turned 14.
  • Mar. 6 (today) – Picasso’s Tête de Femme is stolen and found a week later.
  • Mar. 24The English Patient wins Best Picture. I would have voted for Fargo.
  • May 2 – Tony Blair is appointed Prime Minister of the UK.
  • Jul. 16 – The DOW closes about 8,000. It doubled in the last 30 months. HMMMM….
  • Aug. 1 – Steve Jobs returns to Apple Computers.
  • Aug. 29 – If Terminator were right, the computer entity SKYNET would have launched a nuclear attack on mankind.
  • Oct. 12 – John Denver dies in a plane crash.
  • Oct. 16 – The first color photograph appears on the front page of the NY Times.
  • Dec. 19Titanic hits movie theaters. My respect for Leo plummets.

Now for some interesting links!

Is Organic Safer? – This is a good article discussing a topic I think about a lot. Betsy and I buy some organic produce and almost exclusively organic meat unless it is from a local farmer, but I do have the sneaking suspicion that it is sometimes simply a buzz word used to jack up the price of an item. In my opinion, I think the answer to this question is “It depends.” I’m a politician like that. (@ NY Times)

Bittman Argues Against Vegetarianism – I don’t even remember how I found this, but it has only been viewed like 500 times. If you are a Bittman fan this won’t be a new argument for you to hear. I think he is a really great spokesman for changes that need to happen with our relationship to food in the next ten years. Bittman and I have very similar views even down to the one meat a day rule I wrote about last week. (@ YouTube)

Also, Mark is on Twitter now. (@bittman)

The Price of Tomatoes – A gut-wrenching look at the tomato harvesting industry in Florida. It was almost tough to read but sheds some light on a serious problem. It is a really great piece of journalism by Barry Estabrook. If you have a few minutes during the day, it is worth a read. (@ Gourmet)

Depression Cooking – A 93 year old survivor of the Depression, Clara, walks us through some of the more popular dishes during that time. The videos are really well done and the recipes actually look pretty delicious! Also, Clara is a character. Some of the stories she tells in the videos are hysterical. (@ YouTube via Simple Dollar)

Have a good Friday everyone. Party like it’s 1997!

Photo by artemuestra.

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  1. Great info. Rarely do I enjoy link style posts, but I opened every one of these. You are like totally going on my blogroll. xoxoxo

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