April Food Letter


April Food Letter

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Every month in 2009, I am writing a post detailing some specific things about food in the upcoming month.

It seems like Winter might finally be over, at least in DC. There have been a few days lately where I haven’t needed a jacket to leave the house and that is always a good sign. Some areas like my home state of Wyoming still have lots of snow on the ground, but their winter lasts like 10 months so they have their own schedule.

What does that mean for food? It means good things. Farmer’s markets are going to open soon and bring in tons of fresh produce. The grills will be unpacked. The picnic blankets and baskets will be put to use. I’m really excited for Spring this year.

What to Eat in April

Strawberries. As a kid I remember my parents having a strawberry patch around the corner of our house and I used to pick all the strawberries I could eat in Spring. There is maybe nothing better than a fresh, plump pint of strawberries.

Strawberry Scones. A delicious classic using fresh strawberries. (@ Confessions of a Tart)
Strawberry Sorbet. Some lovely photos of strawberry picking and also a delicious strawberry sorbet recipe. (@ Cannelle et Vanille)
Strawberry Banana Muffins. Again a baked breakfast treat that looks really tasty and uses fresh strawberries. (@ Joy of Baking)
Arugula Salad with Strawberries and Pecans. A very simple Spring salad. (@ Ezra Pound Cake)

Spring Lamb. If you can find Spring lamb it is really perfect for Easter or some other special occasion. The cuts are smaller and much more tender as the lambs are milk fed. You could adapt any normal lamb recipe for Spring lamb. I wouldn’t use Spring lamb for any stew though, it is too tender.

Rack of Lamb with Mustard Crust. A really nice recipe for rack of lamb. I don’t make a lot of lamb but this caught my eye. (@ Cookbook Catchall)
Seared Lamb Chops. For me, this is an ideal way to cook Spring lamb. Just a basic sear with a good sauce is all you need. (@ Garrett’s Table)
Lamb Chops with Curried Pears. A great post and recipe from one of my favorite food blogs. (@ Steamy Kitchen)

Morel Mushrooms. Sometimes these mushrooms can be hard to find. Your best bet might be to hunt them, but only do that if you have an experienced hunter to guide you. I would hate for you to die. Also, sometimes you can find a friendly farmer’s market stand that has some. They are delicious.

Morels are best just lightly sauteed in a bit of butter, but if you want to try a recipe, you could put them in a risotto. Here is a good description on preparation and cooking from Iron Stef.

Sorrel, rocket, spinach, and other Spring greens. These light greens are always a treat. The sorrel leaves or spinach would be great in a springtime soup. Something light like the stracciatella I made a week ago.

Rocket Pesto. Very cool recipe with a white bean soup. (@ Home Gourmets)
Spring Frittata. A good looking frittata with tons of Spring greens. (@ Bella Eats)

Easter. Easter in on April 12th this year. I used to live in a large group house and we would have an Easter feast every year. The main organizer of said feast went and moved to Bulgaria so I’m not sure if it is happening this year. In any event, if you are dyeing eggs, buy them this week! Fresh eggs don’t take the color as well and are harder to peel.

Dyeing Easter Eggs (old school way. No kit needed.) A good write up on dyeing eggs without any of those fancy schmancy kits. (@ Feeding my Enthusiasms)
Fun Easter Facts. Actually interesting things about the upcoming holiday. (@ Yum Sugar)

Opening Day. If you are a baseball fan (or a beer fan), then April is a good month for you because that is when the baseball season starts. I always attend opening day for the Nationals with a group of friends and it is usually a grand time even though the Nats tend to go downhill after the first game. Oh well. I don’t really go to watch the game anyway.

Want a recipe? Grill something. Anything. Baseball is about grilling and beer. That is why the sport exists.

Earth Day. In a complete 180, the day celebrating conserving and recycling is also in April. April 22nd to be exact. Find something you can do to help out or just be mindful of the day. Maybe buy a few recyclable grocery bags or make sure you have a recycling process in place for you home. Turn off the lights in your house. Ride your bike or walk somewhere when you would normally drive. Every little bit helps.

I hope you all like these monthly posts. Be sure not to miss future food letters by getting free Macheesmo updates by email or by RSS.

Photos by Anushruti RK and flutterby.

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  1. Hi there! Nice to find your website! I'm very glad you liked the idea of the strawberry scones – I thought they were delicious and a bunch of people also emailed me to tell me that they've made them and loved them. :) I love the idea of a monthly food letter!

  2. I made those strawberry scones this past weekend. They were amazing. It's hard to get excited about right now, considering that they're all gone, but that is really a great recipe.

    Ah, strawberries.

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