Apple Pickin’ Time!

This delicious meal plan was posted on , by Nick

I didn’t have apple orchards around me while I was growing up. The first time I actually went out and picked apples was well after college. I was a bit overwhelmed and did the amateur thing of picking more apples than any sane person (even a food blogger) could use.

I got a bit appled-out that year, but in general, I love apples this time of the year. They are actually incredibly versatile. You can do so much with apples that has nothing to do with PIE. This week’s meal plan features quick and interesting savory dishes (mostly) that use beautiful, in-season apples.

This weekly meal plan includes:

  • Curried Apple Soup with Arugula Salad
  • Grilled Sesame Chicken and Asian Slaw
  • Roasted Bratwurst with Onions, Apples, and ‘Kraut
  • Quick Apple Turnovers and Roast Beef Apple Wraps

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Any Questions?

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