Announcing Eat Your Food!


Announcing Eat Your Food!

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One thing that has become an everyday part of my life these days is feeding my children. While I used to spend hours in the kitchen dreaming up crazy recipes, I now spend hours trying to figure out how make something that A) my kids will actually eat and B) I will enjoy as well.

It’s a fun project and one that I’ve been wanting to write more about.

Luckily, I found a home for this project and have started writing a twice-a-month column at Simply Recipes called “EAT YOUR FOOD!”

The columns are generally posted on Wednesdays and I’ll be doing Instagram Lives twice a month as well on the @simplyrecipes instagram account to demo the recipes and talk about feeding children.

Column Details

Each of these columns is supposed to be light-hearted and show some of the struggles of feeding picky children.

Each column will feature:

  • An easy recipe! These recipes are delicious but also doable on a busy weeknight. They don’t have fancy ingredients and are made to be prepared almost on a whim.
  • A “Dad Add”! Since these recipes are pretty basic, each column will include an idea for a topper or other add-in that kicks the recipe up a notch for adults.
  • A “Report Card”! Did my kids actually eat this? I report from the trenches on how the meal went in my house – occasionally with actual photos of the chaos.

Three Eat Your Foods!

Three Eat Your Food! columns have already been published! Check them out and be on the look-out for new columns every two weeks!

Cheesy Baked Hot Dogs

Pepperoni Pizza Penne

Broccoli and Cheddar Quesadillas

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