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American Grilled

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Last week a new show debuted on The Travel Channel called American Grilled. It’s essentially a “Chopped” copy, but every course has to be made on the grill.

As a big Chopped fan, I was pretty happy to see a new twist on it. It’s kind of awkward though when the host is getting ready to kick someone off and you can tell he wants to say, “You will be chopped.” but instead has to say, “You will go down in FLAMES.”

I also like it because the contestants aren’t necessarily professionals. They are just average people who are really passionate about grilling.

In fact, my good food blog buddy Rex (who is an awesome griller) is going to be on the show next Wednesday! You better believe I’ll be watching and cheering him on!

The Poll

I’ve watched every episode of American Grilled so far (2) and below are a few items the contestants had to grill in various rounds. Vote for one and I’ll do my spin on it.

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The Links

Jam Cook App – This is a fun little app that I didn’t work on technically, but did develop some of the recipes. It basically let’s you find recipes based on ingredients you have available. There’s a free version and a premium version if you like it! (@ Jam Cook)

An Ode to Toast – I never would’ve thought that I would be linking to a toast post that included ZERO butter, but here we are. These all look wonderful. (@ Oh She Glows)

The Best Steak Marinade – I tend to shy away from recipes that are “the best”, but hey… I trust Lori. (@ Recipe Girl)

Horchata is your friend – It’s hot and one of my favorite ways to chill down is a huge glass of horchata. I’ve actually never made from scratch but this year might be the year. (@ Huff Post)

Have a great weekend everyone! If you need me, I’ll be at the Rockies game.

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  1. I’m looking forward to seeing how Rex does. I did a live competition like that in Vegas on the Char-Broil All Star team in May and I hated it. I do NOT like being told what to cook and how fast to cook it.

  2. I have watched this show and it’s just a little too slow for me, although there are some good ideas about grilling and combining ingredients. I recently looked at a Kalamazoo grill and would never be in the kitchen if I had one! I would think that being on that type of show is like taking a final exam, sweaty palms and empty head with time limit pressure! lol

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