The Aftermath


The Aftermath

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Are we going to kiss?! (Spoiler: no.)

It feels so strange for my episode of Food Fighters to be over. It’s been this weird strange secret that I’ve had in my brain for over a year. At times I was sure nothing would happen of it and the show was cancelled. At other times, I would stay up at night worried about how I would look.

Turns out that was all silly worrying (and out of my control anyway).

I’m really looking forward to this weekend though. It’ll be the first one in a long time that I don’t have the unknown status of the show looming in my mind. So, in other words, I can relax a bit.

The Links

Vietnamese Pork Chops – These look crazy good. Charred nicely and served with watermelon. Yea… you read that right. (@ The Bitten Word)

Tart Cherry Pies – I saw cherries in the store this week for $2/lb. That’s out of control. Pie is needed! (@ Love and Olive oil)

Food that Makes you Happy, Healthy, Hot – I shortened the title, but essentially this is a great walkthrough of eating a healthy, but not restrictive week of food. It’s actually almost identical to the kinds of things I eat on a weekly basis (with a fair amount of cheating) (@ Amateur Gourmet)

I’m a Creator – A month or two ago, I got asked to be in a video with an online company I work with frequently to find sponsors for Macheesmo. They came over and shot a fun video of me cooking and talking about my weird blog journey. This is the resulting video! (@ Youtube)

Have a great weekend everyone! If you need me, I’ll be replying to lovely messages that make me blush and ignoring the occasional nasty bit.

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  1. Just caught up with your episode online last night..way to go! I think all of the home chefs that can go on and compete in that kind of limited-time, high stress environment are amazing!

  2. Wow! I was on the edge of my seat the entire show rooting for you. I just watched the show last night(Friday) and couldn’t believe how calm you were until I saw the close-up shots. With your wife cheering you on you couldn’t lose. Perhaps Food Network is looking for a new star and you could be it! Congratulations on your significant win!

  3. Finally got a chance to watch yesterday. Well done! Having worked with some real arrogant chefs before, it was a pleasure to see you take them down a notch! It was a great show, congratulations! Can’t wait to see pics of your new house.. :)

    1. Thanks Karen! TO be honest, all the chefs were pretty nice actually. I think they were kind of hamming it up a bit for the cameras. ;)

  4. Well, I’m backing in to this…found your blog based on watching the show. You did a great job, and you can cook for me any time! LOL


  5. I enjoyed your episode. I mean episode as in single part of a series, not episode as in having a fit, ha ha. I can’t imagine doing a cooking show like that, I hate time crunches but at least you got to pick your recipes. I could never do one of those, “Cook a dish in 40 minutes with mutton heart, squid, dragon fruit, and this bag of rusty roofing nails that we found in the dumpster” type shows.

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