Adios 2014 (Year in Review)


Adios 2014 (Year in Review)

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This last year was one of the biggest, most exciting years of my life. Let’s see…

I published a full length cookbook.

I was on a primetime game show cooking against some fantastic chefs (and I won!).

Betsy and I bought a beautiful home in downtown Denver

And we are expecting a baby

So yea… it was a busy year!

I published over 200 posts on Macheesmo this year and I always like to spend a post and go through some of the favorites! I broke it down to the most popular (based on views) and then also just my personal favorite posts of the year!


Weirdly, my most popular posts in any given year are always posts that are 2-3 years old. In fact, none of the top 10 posts of the year were posts I actually wrote this year!

I filtered those out though to just show the most popular posts I did write in 2014 as chosen by how many lovely eyeballs saw them.

Slow Roasted Chicken Wings

chicken wings

These are one of the best and easiest ways to make excellent wings without pulling out a fryer. It’s football season and if you’re a wing lover you have to try these.

Chili Gravy Enchiladas

Chili Gravy

This is my go-to enchilada sauce recipe now. I still use it anytime I make a quick batch of enchiladas.

Slow Cooker Korean Tacos


This has some really authentic flavors in it. Who doesn’t love the idea of popping a few things in a slow cooker and coming home to delicious Asian tacos?

Chancey’s Crusties


Turns out the Radford crew rolls deep on the Internet. I made this version based on Betsy’s Sister-in-Law’s recommendation. Thanks to the Radford support, these little snacks were popular!

How to Steam Shrimp


A good reminder to me that sometimes the posts people want the most are the ones that just describe how to do one very specific thing well.

Best Friend Queso


It’s a pretty good bet that at some point in the year, I’ll make some sort of Tex-Mex cheese dip. It’s also a pretty good bet that it will be a popular post because people love dips!

Mushroom Torta


This was easily one of my favorite brunches I made this year. Such a great sandwich and happy to see it on the list!

Home Fries at Home


I finally spent some time working out a good method for making legit diner-style home fries at home. Time well spent!

Chickpea Spread Sandwiches


I was a little shocked to see this recipe on the list, but it’s healthy and quick to make so there ya go!

Spinach Rolled Omelet


I’m not really sure how many people actually tried this recipe, but people loved to look at it!


Even after blogging for six (6!) years, I’m still amazed at how bad I am at predicting what will be popular in any given year. Most of the time the recipes I’m excited about get very little traction.

So here are my personal favorite 10 posts from 2014!

Sirloin Noodle Bowls


This was a new method of cooking steak that I experimented with. Basically, instead of marinating and then cooking the steak, you cook it and then marinate it. Because it’s hot, it absorbs a lot of the flavor. Then slice it thin and pile it in a noodle bowl!

Eggplant Orzo Bake


This recipe wasn’t completely under the radar because I had a few people send me specific emails saying how great it was. Definitely one of my favorite pasta bake type dishes now though.

Grilled Veggie Couscous Salad

0couscoussaladI think I made this recipe half a dozen times throughout the summer and fall. It’s perfect for any lazy cookout. Bookmark it for warmer days!

Grilled Fish Tacos


It’s almost not fair how delicious these tacos are for how easy they are to make. Another warm weather favorite!

Breakfast Sweet Potato Tacos


My breakfast taco situation is getting out of control. Lots of good recipes in that category, but this was a new favorite for me. Shredding the potatoes makes all the difference.

Duff’s Egg Benedicts


This was Duff’s egg benedict version for our Food Fighters battle. It was very good and I can see how he almost beat me!

The Juicy Lucy


A few times this year I tried to make regional dishes. Generally this failed and I would hear lots of feedback on all the things I did wrong. I got this burger mostly right though and it was really good.

Hatch Chile Potato Soup


Maybe it’s because it’s a cold day in Denver while I’m writing this, but I just want a warm bowl of soup right now. This might have been my favorite soup I made this year.

Mushroom Ragu


It’s a rare day that I re-cook a recipe in the same week. I made this recipe three times in two weeks though. It was so warming and savory. Betsy and I couldn’t get enough of it.

Cheesy Savory Monkey Bread


I imagine this post would’ve broken through to the top 10, but I just published it a week or so ago. It needs some time for the Internet to figure out how awesome it is.

Your Favorites?

I’d love to hear some of your favorite recipes from 2014! Leave a comment with a recipe you loved (either on Macheesmo or elsewhere). Just something you cooked and loved!

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  1. Although I haven’t tried it yet, I’m greatly anticipating your “Luckiest Curry.” I’m from the South and trained to eat black eyed peas on New Years (except the year you arrive home on New Years with a new baby!). But they are so BORING. Sheesh. So yours. Oh me oh my. I can’t wait!!!!!

    2014 was a good year for you, but 2015 will be your best and hardest yet!

  2. My favorite recipe for 2014 was one I made last night – Hatch Chile Potato Soup, but I have to use canned chiles because of the time of year, location, laziness (pick a reason). There are very few recipes that all four of us love, but this soup is one of them. Anytime we find a new recipe everyone enjoys is cause for celebration.
    Get ready for one of the busiest, most humbling and most joyful years of your life. Take LOTS of pictures.

  3. Hmmm my favorite is semolina brea .this is so good but I really enjoy so many of your recipes. Your website is one of my favorite when it comes to doing my weekly meal planning.

  4. LOVE the chili gravy! I have made veggie, chicken, ground beef enchiladas with the gravy. Delicious. So glad I found your site. Juicy Lucy for dinner tonight :). Thank you. gayle.

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