I think it’s time for people to put down the menus and pick up the spatulas.

Not only does cooking typically lead to healthier and more economical eating, it’s also a heck of a lot more fun than ordering out.

I’ve posted over 1,000 recipes on Macheesmo. For each one, I do my best to give full explanations of what I did and tips on what I’d do differently next time. I’ll bring up the tricky parts and the easy parts.

There will be photos. Oh yes. There will be photos although older ones will be of varying quality…

What is Macheesmo?

Macheesmo is a phrase I came up with that simply means cooking with confidence. Luckily for you, Macheesmo is something that can be learned.

About Me

My name is Nick Evans and I write and manage Macheesmo. I’m 25 34 and I have a “normal” day job. When I’m not working, I love to cook and love everything food related, but I have no formal training. That said, I experiment with all types of cooking and love trying new stuff.

I live in Denver, CO with my wife and official taste-tester, Betsy, our little dude, Theo, our little girl, Darby, our dog, Porter, and our cat, Tipsy.

Contact Me!

If you have a question about a specific recipe, it’s always best just to leave a comment on that recipe and I’ll do my best to respond.

If you have a general question though or just want to say howdy, you can always contact me here. (I don’t bite, unless you’re a sandwich.)

Food Fighters!

On August 12th (8/7c), I was featured on NBC’s new show Food Fighters. I fought my way through five extremely talented chefs on my way to try to win $100,000!

Love Your Leftovers

In 2014 I published my first full cookbook.  The book is called Love your Leftovers and will teach you how to make delicious, new dishes out of leftovers.  You can find out more about the book here.

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  1. I love the site name and totally get the kitchen empowerment. It's how I feel every. single. time. something comes out right, whether it's a first try or a 100th. There's something to the idea of kitchen magic, and being able to harness that is a skill worth celebrating. Actually, what's not worth celebrating, in the realm of food at least?

  2. Nick, the site looks good man. I look at it when I am hungry. I have not tried any of your recipes b/c my menu usually consists of Ellio's pizza and maybe some Mac and Cheese as a side dish. Topped off with a glass of Tang, of course.


  3. OK now Im hooked love your stuff am goingto try the guac recipe this weekend am passing this on to my friends hope your doing well happy t day

  4. Hey Nick, Just an old friend from Wyoming, checking out your fantastic site. I love your ideas and recipes! I hope you are healthy and happy and living the life. Take care.

  5. Hey, Nick,

    I went and found your site after reading your “can I eat it with a ladle” comment about the crab fondue recipe at Simply Recipes. Too funny. I like your site, and will check in often. Good luck!

  6. Hi Nick,
    I like the way you look at cooking. I love cooking especially when I cook for somebody. And reading your explanation about your website name, I realize that it is telling about me. Yesterday I cooked for my mother in law, and she admired me. I won a victory! So Macheesmo is just telling me, isn’t it? That’s why I should subscribe it. And welcome you to come visit my website.

  7. Found you on Stumble! Good site, very interesting.

    Sullivan Street Bakery in NYC has potato pizza, with the potatoes sliced very thinly and layered across the top of its ultra thin crust.

    Look forward to reading more—M

  8. I love your philosophy on food and cooking. I feel the exact same way – except I take those principles to the next level – I believe people should be entertaining more and socializing around food. Good work – glad I found you and I'm looking forward to reading more!

  9. Wow Nick, the photos from your trip are great! I do hope you will be sharing more! And be sure to include the most adorable child, that red hair! Adorable! Glad you and Betsy had a great time.

  10. Hi Nick, Not new to the world of food, but new to writing my blog and tweeting. Found you via a tweet about the foodie fights at The Stew (love it -love it – love it and hope to participate soon) and now I am following you on Twitter. As far as wedding food, I have been a caterer and I do big dinner shows: Stay Away from plated sit down mains. Have a buffet!!! Plated food is usually comparatively mediocre and limited to my nemesis, "The Chicken or The Beef?", and usually lukewarm. Oh, if you are going to have passed apps make sure you have app stations too. People are hungry and hate having to chase down the poor waiter, who is like deer at the end of a gun, when the hungry guests descend. The combo helps to big the rabidness down to a manageable level. I'll see you on my Tweet Deck!!!

  11. Just found your website today … i'm not much of a cook, but i love food. Your recipes look delicious and so appetizing. I would gladly volunteer to be a food taster for you, if you need one. I see you have a nice selection of pizzas. I would be interested in seeing your take on Brazilian pizzas. When i was in Brazil in 2004, I had some great ones. They tend to specialize in more veggie ingredients and also some great dessert ones too … my favorite was chocolate and banana pizza. I'm sure your creative talents could find a new twist on them. Thanks again.


  12. Nice layout on the site, I am looking to do something simular instead of just e-mailing creations to family and friends. I like your reviews and the feature internet kitchen. Good luck with continued success with the site. Would love to send you a recipe for your review.

    Pleasant Hill-Billy

  13. I've been making a version of your brickle recipe for years but my recipe called for graham crackers instead of saltines. I've used regular honey grahams, cinnamon and even chocolate grahams with great success. My personal touch is to add a sprinkle of sea salt(just a tiny bit, for an occasional surprise to the taste buds) on top before it sets completely.

  14. @ Danger Kitten. For my day job I'm a manager for a trade association in downtown Washington. I do a lot of different things there but focus mainly on web stuff.

  15. Yo. I just stumbled upon your website searching for poblano pepper recipes and yowza, son! First five pages I scanned have 5 original recipe ideas. I'm sticking around to see what else you brew up.

    Great job.

  16. Nick

    Just found you today while google searching "ceviche". Acually, I was looking for side dishes to "go with" and found you. Lucky for me. I will be sending my foodie friends your rss feed. Love your recipes, pictures, tips, etc. Nothing I'd rather do than find recipes and cook them (very few things, anyway). Thanks

  17. Love your blog– just came across a very cool recipe of yours, Clam Linguine and happens to be one of my favorite! Anyway, we would love to feature your blog and if you'd like, let's exchange links.

    In any case, we featured your Clam Linguine recipe to our membership on facebook (http://www.facebook.com/chefcommons)


    Chief Exec Chef, ChefCommons.com

  18. Hi Nick,

    Found your site while looking for cold-brewed coffee instructions (which you just posted last week – how timely!) and love your writing style. After browsing a few of your posts, I've bookmarked your site and will be back often.


  19. I've come to realize that your blog is the first I check out on my Google Reader each morning. If a post from you is not up yet, I log out, no longer motivated to continue browsing my reader. I've told several folks about your blog. It's my favorite. Aside from bread, which kind of intimidates me (though my husband and I are going to give this olive bread a whirl), all of your recipes are so… I don't know what the word is, really. But they speak to me. Simple, maybe? But not in an idiot way. In an "I totally get this!"

    I was wicked excited when I saw yesterday's spaghetti squash post. I was all "I have all of those ingredients right now!" So I can't wait to cook it up.

    In a nutshell, thanks for the great recipes, tips and inspiration! :)


  20. Another who just stumbled onto your website!!! Keep 'em coming, Nick…you da bomb!!!

    I love food, love to cook and love simplifying. Sounds like a good match!!!

  21. Hi Nick. Found you through the bread feed on The Fresh Loaf. Your olive bread recipe lured me in, and the rest of your site hooked me. Love it! I just got a day job as a baker after being a programmer and web designer for many, many years. Now I get to play in the kitchen all day! I'm definitely going to give some of your recipes a try. Thanks!

  22. Nick, thank you for a fun read, and although I'm not a Halloween/gummy candy/oreo fan…I'm actually tempted to try this recipe! Also, this is completely irrelevant, but I'm a copy editor and you cannot imagine how much I appreciated your wonderfully and correctly well-written blog! THANK YOU!!! I'll definitely be subscribing…keep up the good work. Oh, and GO YANKEES!!

  23. Okay, the recipe was for the Bloody Worms of Doom, and I missed a comma after "editor." Arrgghh!!

  24. A friend told me about this blog! So many awesome and great ideas! I love reading it when I need some help in the kitchen. Nick, you're awesome! Keep it up! :D Also, the photos in this blog are beautiful, sometimes I just browse to look through them. :)

  25. HI Nick, I just started following your blog — great stuff, good ingredients, great photos — recipes and everything is mouth watering. Best of all, I’ve made a few of your recipes and they were outstanding. I hope you don’t mind my writing about your Roasted Beets Salad you did, yesterday Dec. 2, 2009. We have a Beet lover on our staff so we looked at that one with keen interest – here is what we did http://berkshiregrain.blogspot.com — we of course recommend your blogging to all. Happy Holidays, from your new friends at Berkshire Grain.

    Kevin Kirshner, Berkshire Grain

  26. Hi Nick ,

    I have looked at your blog and love it !

    Me too I am macheesmo or try to be ! I have created my food blog there are not so many guys who have done it in France ; so if you are curious come and visit me the door is always open feel free !!

    à bientôt Pierre from Paris France

  27. I love this site already. Was directed here by Karolinka. :) I love food, and I am so happy to have found this blog. I expect many a great read, and some good culinary experiments to come forth from this! :)


    1. Right now I’m using a Canon Rebel XSi with a 50mm/1.4f lens. I basically just learned to use it by trial and error… never really taken classes or anything. For a long time I took photos with just an old powershot point and shoot camera and they all came out reasonably well also.

      I’ve found that lighting is in most cases more important than camera ;)

  28. Just found you and love your site-just joined so will be anxiously waiting for next installment. I have started to make more foods from scratch-found you by looking for tater tots. I love to cook but have very little time. Glad I found you!

  29. Finally got over to take a look, Nick-o. Nice site! I was especially struck by the quality of your photography. Bravo!

    Hope all is well, and if you see that so-and-so Xander tell him that camera Kevin says hi.

  30. My kitties watch me cook in the kitchen too. Not out of respect for my talent, but in hopes of getting a scrap of something or other (usually the last of the heavy cream!)

    Give our regards to Tipsy.

    Rachel, Bleu, Bacon, Butters and Lucy

    1. My cat hates cream for some reason and fish. So weird. She'll eat cheese but only if it's more than $9/pound. I wish I was joking.

  31. Came across your website today, and I must say you have some absolutely mouth watering recipes. I am excited to try a few. Thanks for the tips and easy instructions!

  32. I first clicked on your site when I saw it in a blogroll ("Pinch My Salt," I think), and I was immediately transported back to my childhood in Portland, Oregon. There was a restaurant there called the Macheesmo Mouse, and I have missed that place since I was a kid. It was a fresh Mexican restaurant that had interesting and healthy food. Loved it. I think they went out of business.

    Anyway, I am dying to try the Eggs in Purgatory. Which is a huge feat for you, because I generally do not like runny yolks at all, but this still looks so fantastic that I have to try it anyway. I feel brave.

    You have some awesome recipes there, Nick! I have bookmarked your site and will be back….probably often. Maybe even daily. (That sounded scarier than I meant it to.)

  33. My Italian husband picked some fresh garlic from our neighbor's yard (don't ask, don't tell). Anyway, he said he really wants some pasta with garlic. Well, basically every recipe for pasta has garlic in it. So I wanted to try something different. I found this recipe for Cheesy Fusilli and am really excited about making it tonight! I love the fact that you have lots of pictures (THANK YOU!) and you go through the recipe in easy-to-use terms. I'm going to try adding a bit more garlic than the recipe says (so there's no evidence left) and see how it turns out. I also appreciate that you don't incorporate parm into every single recipe, but make it optional. I myself can't stand parm cheese; but I love Italian food and have to work my way around the stuff.

    I'm subscribing to this site as well as bookmarking it- this is AWESOME! Thanks so much!

  34. Hi! I wandered here to Macheesmo through a link one of my friends had posted on Facebook, and I love it! I just got started (within the last month or so) on writing my own blog, and my goal is similar to yours – get in the kitchen and have some fun. It's awesome to see how successful yours is. Congratulations and I can't wait to keep reading!

  35. Apparently I'm late to the party (I like to think fashionably late), but I'm glad I arrived! Great site, and I couldn't agree more about your blogging and cooking philosophy – it's just what I'm going for with mine as well. Can't wait to keep reading and inspire my own macheesm-a !

  36. Hello Nick, I had so much fun here at your site today, running behind but sooo worth it. I have been taking a peak here and there and I have to tell you, this is one wonderful well-rounded blog for those who “enjoy” food. All the recipes are right up T’s alley. It is nice to find a site that gives me the other side of tea sandwiches. I will revisit time and time again to find a good recipe that the men folk in my life will truly enjoy and I have to add “me too.” The only bad thing about finding your site is that I have not did my market shopping today and I am so hungry now and nothing in the house to fix. I know one thing I am picking up a nice shoulder pork and can then pick from a couple of your recipes, what is it with men-folk and pork? I have added myself to your email list and look forwards to all you share in the wonderful world of food and how to do!…RaeDi
    My site is in the process of being upgraded right now and I am having a section of what I find in the food world and showcasing the blogs that have great interest in one way or another and yours fits. I think you will be my first review.

  37. Just wanted to say thanks for your blog. I comment on recipes occasionally, but I wanted to say that yours really is one of my favorite food blogs out there. I always look forward to reading your posts. Thank you!

  38. Hey man,
    Just wanted to tell you, you're blog is really good – great writing, beautiful photos and really good looking recipes. What qualifies me to judge? Well I have a food blog of my own (surprise, surprise!). Seriously though, I like what you do and I consider your mission very similar to mine: to make cooking accessible and doable for everybody. Keep up the good work, man. Hey if you ever find yourself in NYC, let me know, and perhaps you can have a guess spot on my blog (delicioustings.com). I like to get other people cooking besides myself.
    My recent post bread smack down!

  39. Hi, Nick
    I stumbled across your blog while in search of a Brown Butter Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe that I once had and couldn't find. Found a couple but not quite the same until I found yours! Yippee!
    I refuse to make any other type of chocolate chip cookie!
    Look forward to checking your blog out!
    Linda :)

  40. Hi! I found your rainbow donuts recipe on Tablespoon and want to link to it in my St. Patrick's Day Party post on TodaysMama.com. Would you mind if I use your donut photo with credit and a link? Thanks!

  41. You need some lamb/mutton in your categories, and yep, goat aka capra or cabra! Your guy friends should love Caribbean curried goat (spicy!)

    Lovely blog, especially to get YOUNG MEN cooking.

  42. Wow, I love the tone and quality of this site. Thank you, as I know this must be a lot of work, even if it's a labor of love. I just started reading, but especially love those tips nobody ever mentions — like how much to fill a muffin pan. Thanks!

  43. I'm a HUGE fan, and I've been reading for a year now. And, this is my first comment. It's sad, right? Just wanted to spread the blog love and say thanks for all of the amazing recipes. :-)

  44. I love your website. The steps are so simply, beautifully presented and photographed. I will definitely be trying out some of your recipes (although I will have to veganise them!) keep up the good work.

  45. I found your blog today and immediately had to add you my RSS feed! Definitely looking forward to what you come up with in the future!

  46. E have cooked with local Boy Scouts and various church youth groups for many years. Now I can’t do either I enjoy your blog and look forward to it daily.

  47. You had me at ‘poached egg’! Haha!

    I love your website Nick, seriously! I learn a lot of things from you and Betsy. I always look forward to read your post every day. Keep up the super excellent work!

    PS: Ever since I read your poached egg posts, I haven’t fried a single egg! Can you believe that? ;-)

  48. Hey Nick,
    I really liked your bit about couponning…the thing about it is tho, you left out one major cost…the cost of storing so much bulk! If you can get 20 can’s of oatmeal, you’re gonna have to find where in the world (let alone your house) you are gonna store that stuff. I have some friends that were some of the original cuponners and their house was not normal….they had stuff stuffed in all kinds of strange places…the coat closet was packed with oatmeal, the car’s got evicted for some canned goods, band aids, and all kinds of drinks (soda crystal light etc). Just another point to further your point!


  49. I came across your chalupa recipe today. I love your site, especially the pics! I will be following you and I will look for your cookbook :)

  50. Nick,
    Great website and blog. love the tone of your recipes and the confidence that is generated in your writing. I am ready to try several recipes right now. Just bought some Dutchess County peaches in NY and got psyched with the baked peaches and oatmeal. Wondering if you are from the middle Atlantic States region? Keep up the great site.

  51. THANK YOU! I decided to come up with healthier homemade breakfast food for my teenagers…instead of them eating frozen store-bought food. Was searching the internet on the best way to freeze homemade pancakes and breakfast sandwiches and stumbled upon your website. Love the idea of the cooking the eggs in the muffin tins. Genius!! Thanks again.

    1. Hey Tina, why don’t you shoot me an email (nick at macheesmo dot com) and give me some more details and I’ll try to help you out!

  52. I just found your blog and I’m in love! I’m very intrigued by your cookbook as well, but it is no longer available on Amazon, is there another way I can get my hands on a copy? The Cornerstone Cooking style sounds a whole lot like the way I try to cook around here and I would love to be able to see your take on it!

    1. Hey Kelli! Thanks for swinging by! So yea… unfortunately the book is unavailable right now because I’m working on expanding it and making it bigger and better. You can read more about the project here:
      I have a list of people who I’m contacting when it comes out and I’ll add your email to that list so you’ll get a quick note from me when the new version is out. :)

  53. hi nick….
    i came across your blog while on my search for a cake that uses coffee. n man!!did i love it!!
    i made it and it came out so well…it was moist, coffee-ey and just delicious!
    thanks so much
    your blog is so good too!!

  54. Thank you! And my family thanks you too. As a SAD sufferer I don’t usually have much inspiration with my cooking, but this winter I decided that I’d try new recipes. Thanks to you my family has eaten well this winter as we’ve tried and enjoyed many of your recipes. Keep on cooking and blogging, and we’ll keep eating well. Thanks again!

  55. Wow! Impressive presentation-who can possibly go wrong here? I grow my own cherry tomatoes on my balcony and just recently picked a samll bunch so I’m going to be very experimental and roughly downside the whole wheat pasta with cherry tomato recipe to a portion for one person….It’s all good ! thanks for the inspiration ….

  56. Hi Nick,

    Today is the day! My dough is just about to go into the oven…I have never baked bread b/f but since bread is the ultimate foodie experience being aroma, soft and all over delicious chewyness, I find myself waiting with anticipation to biting in to a nice warm loaf … all that aroma in the house … the only thing that comes this close is that little girl at Christmas, but then we have to grow up sometime! So now I’m all grown up and fat b/c of your recipes haha…LOL…

    Hey, off the cuff i wanted to mention i did not get that recipe book :( …could you shoot one over to me…

    Thanks, in advance for all your passion!!

    Maryjo/Asheville, NC

  57. Hey Nick, I hope your day is going well! I figured I’d quickly reach out again—it would be great to talk briefly if you think there might be an opportunity for us to work together. If you’re not interested for now, that’s fine as well.

    Thanks again,


  58. Hi Nick, I just discovered your blog and am enjoying browsing. Whenever I look at a new blog, there are two things I check immediately. The first is the breakfast category. If all the breakfast recipes are actually dessert recipes, I know it’s not my kind of blog. The second thing I look at is the section on cakes. If I see too many “take a cake mix and add…” then I definitely know it’s not for me. Needless to say, you passed, and I’m signing up for your new posts! Now, if I could only figure out how to do that on my own site…

    1. Thanks for swinging by Fran! Feel free to shoot me an email if you need any tech help. I like helping people out. :)


  59. Hi, I’m in my 60’s and cook and bake breads. I found your site a while ago doing searches and I follow you on Facebook. I bake a lot of no knead breads and rolls. What I also do is convert standard bread recipes to no knead, whether Lahey’s method or ABin5 which I use when there is dairy or need to work with a dryer dough. Thanks so much for your recipes, I did make your cinnamon twist which were a hit!

  60. Ok maybe I’m just blind, but I cannot find a sign up for ‘newsletter’ spot. If you have one, can you let me know where. I g+’d you, but would like to get a newsletter if you have one. Thank you.

  61. Dude, I want to like your recipes, but as a south american i can’t get over how inappropriate this website’s name sounds. Machismo means horrible, bigoted sexism in portuguese AND spanish.

    I’t kinda like calling your website “Raceesm”. Seriously. I just want to barf every time i see the name. Sorry, but i had to say it since it seems that nobody has warned you :(

    1. Hey Luiza,

      Thanks for the comment. Yea. I know the adverse meaning of the word. I’m trying to re-define it a bit (hence the different spelling). I interpret it as being confident and sure of yourself in the kitchen. Of course, I didn’t intend for it to be bigoted at all. It’s supposed to be kind of light hearted and a play on the original bad word. Hope that helps! Thanks for reading. :)

    2. Really! Just wanted to comment to Luiza about your name. I think your website is just perfect. It is well written and has no misspelled words or improper grammar. If someone doesn’t like the website, just delete and move on to another one. Don’t keep harping on your interpretation. That is what it means to live in the U.S. There has always been Freedom of Speech. You don’t like it, turn it off. I personally think your recipes are great. Keep up the good work and count me in as one of your admirers. I am 84 yrs. old and can still appreciate a new recipe or two.

    3. Nick, I’m just not on board with the name of your blog. Machismo is a pretty complicated term with some very negative implications and likely some unsung positive implications, but the negatives and the complication of it all makes it, for me, the wrong choice for a food blog title. I’ve read your post on the america’s test kitchen feed a few times, and every time I see the name of your blog, I cringe. You’re not really opening up a discourse about the word because first you’d have to talk about all of the negatives of having women – in ANY culture – play the counter-role to the machismo men in their lives. You’re not talking about it at all, and there’s a LOT of negative shit behind this word. It’s further complicated by the fact that it’s associated with certain cultures, when it reality the same concepts were nearly all over the world. I’m not saying that every single aspect of machismo is bad, but it’s sure a hell of a loaded term to use as a blog title. It feels like you’re making light of the history of the way that women were treated. There are so many other synonyms for confidence, that if that’s what you’re going for, you certainly have the option of choosing them instead. Personally, I love to debate both sides of the feminism argument, I hate it when men get a bad rap just for being men, and I don’t think that we should judge the past based on our current values and the psychological growth that we’ve experienced in part because of economic growth. Nevertheless, to use this word in a jovial, happy tone is not cool.

      1. Hi Sonya, thanks so much for the thoughtful comment. It’s probably the case that we will never totally agree on word usage, but as a philosophy major, I can tell you that I also love having these conversations and talking through this stuff. Anne Curzan, an English professor who is on the usage board for the American Heritage Dictionary, did a TED talk a few years ago on word usage. This quote is better stated than what I could say, but I think gets my point across that word meanings can change.
        Anne Curzan: “There are going to be changes that all of us don’t like in language. There are going to be changes where you think, ‘Really?!’ Does the language have to change that way? What I’m saying is we should be less quick to decide that that change is terrible. We should be less quick to impose our likes and dislikes about words onto other people. [The English language] is rich and vibrant, and filled with the creativity of the speakers who speak it… I hope what you can do is find language change not worrisome, but fun and fascinating just the way dictionary editors do. I hope you can enjoy being part of the creativity that is continually remaking our language and keeping it robust.”

        1. Thanks for the thoughtful reply. You’re right, we probably won’t agree on this one, but that’s an interesting perspective and I appreciate your taking the time to educate me on it.

  62. Hey Nick!
    I like some of your recipes.
    Just wanted to make clear, that almost all of it is unhealthy.
    1. Meat,
    2. Cheese,
    3. so much sugar,
    4. Eggs, etc.
    So yeah cooking is fun, but it is only healthy if its wholegrain and vegtebales.

    Cheers from Berlin

    1. Hiya, I’m not really sure if that’s fair. Sure, some of the recipes are indulgent, but I believe in moderation. I eat fairly healthy day-to-day and encourage people to integrate a wide range of veggies into their cooking. I’ve posted hundreds of healthy and vegetarian recipes over the years.

      Healthy Archives: https://www.macheesmo.com/category/recipes/healthy/
      (Also, I think the page navigation is broken, working on it… if you want to go through the other archive pages, just add /page/2 to the end of the URL.)

      Also, my goal with the site isn’t necessarily to provide people with only healthy recipes.. it’s to encourage people to cook more at home and eat out less which I think will ultimately lead to a healthier lifestyle.

      1. Nick – my take on this is that if one wants “healthy” fare, they need to look at another site. I discovered your slow roasted chicken wings recipe last year, and made them for a bowl party. They were a hit.

        I am now retired after a long elementary teaching career, and love cooking for friends and family – and we entertain often, with me cooking and my wife baking. We’re a great team! My wife had a very demanding career, and I did all of the grocery shopping and cooking (she makes out a menu and grocery list each week), and enjoyed it. I’m lucky – she likes to do the cleanup.

        Keep exploring, and posting. THANKS!

  63. About Macheesmo and Boss Sauce. Before you and before the registered Boss Sauce, there was a chain of restaurants in Portland called, “Macheesmo Mouse.” It was awesome. However, a few wrong business moves or something of that nature, Macheesmo Mouse closed up shop. What they left were heartbroken clientele and an undying want/need for their sauce, which was called “bossSauce.” Folks, like myself, will forever be looking for that recipe.

  64. Great blog right here! Also your web site loads up
    fast! What web host are you the usage of? Can I am getting your associate
    link in your host? I desire my website loaded up
    as quickly as yours lol

    1. Hey Florentina! Really glad you like the site and notice the speed. I use Liquid Web, here’s my affiliate link: http://www.liquidweb.com/?RID=nickevans

      They are great, but I’ve also spent a lot of time optimizing my site with custom development and minimizing scripts that load when the site loads. Glad you like it though and definitely check out Liquid Web if you are looking for a good web host.

  65. Love the site and your recipes! Your doing awesome work! I can’t believe you do this in your free time next to a full time job- insanity! I hope you can occasionally sleep! ;-) I sent my brother the pumpkin grilled cheese recipe and he made it in-between meals because he just couldn’t wait!

  66. Hey Nick!
    Just a heads up that your homepage doesn’t seem to be loading properly today! When I click the “go home” link (or just pull up your url at all), I get a notice to the effect of “this content only for macheesmo meals” or whatever. I’m guessing this is just some kind of mishap or snafu with your host, but you’ll probably want to get it fixed soon! I miss seeing your newest concotion! All the other tabs seem to be working fine at the moment though.

  67. Hey nick didn’t want to post this on your giveaway post. I live in lakewood and was wondering since you always are working in your home (ish?) if you have an all home humidifier system and who installed it/cost. We’re looking around. Thanks!

  68. Hey Nick
    Yesterday I was looking for ‘recipes for one’ and came across your Greens and Ham Breakfast Bowl. Made it this morning….awesome! And, bonus….I learned how to soft boil an egg. Thanks for the clear instructions and all those photos. Love your site. Love your approach to cooking. You’ve inspired me to get back in the kitchen. My husband passed away a year ago and I’ve been lost for a while. Thanks for helping me find my way back to something I used to love to do.

    1. Hey Bobbie! So glad you found the recipe and it worked for ya. Really sorry to hear about your loss. Happy to hear you are finding happiness in the kitchen again. Thanks for reading. :)

  69. Hi Nick!

    While looking for a new way to cook oats, I came across your recipe for coconut oatmeal. Love the recipe, but most of all I love the enthusiasm in your words! Thanks for doing what you do.


  70. I have been using your recipe for creamy oatmeal for quite some time now…..can no longer find it on your site…I would like to double the recipe or triple it;;;;for when my grandkids come to visit…they love the creamy texture….if I share with them, then I don’t get any….ha ha ha….can you tell me the recipe to make more….

  71. FINALLY!! some one who REALLY knows how to do Hoppin John. I had the recipe decades ago and lost it. Had tried to duplicate it many times but just couldn’t seem to get it right. This is not only right, it’s RIGHTEOUS!!! I know this is from an OLD post, found it on Tablespoon and it was dated around 2010, but it was so appreciated!! I do use Spinach instead of Kale, just never got a liking for Kale. Thank You!!

  72. Found your blog today, looking for soft hamburgers. I am 78 years old, raised and fed 7children, wrote columns and edited magazines/newspapers. At 77 I survived vocal cord cancer but ended up with 7 bottom teeth , soft palate surgery and unable to swallow anything larger than a small pea. I also live alone…making cooking rather difficult. Have been researching, adapting and creating soft food recipes. Having been a pretty good semi-gourmet cook for a lot of years, it can get very frustrating to create healthy and enjoyavke food. Constantly search for adaptable recipes. Have grown to love my immersible blender stick.
    Managed to lose 50 pounds during radiation, and still have minimal appetite. Eat lots of braunschweiger on Ritz crackers and peanut butter right from the spoon. Cooking for one is bad enough, but eating out is worse. Putting in the dentures isn’t comfy and I still can’t chew more than a couple of bites of steak, making that treat very expensive on a senior’s budget! As a long-time foodie and cook, I continue my search for taste….Any suggestions will be appreaciated. Thanks –

  73. Hey Nick,
    Just to say that I love the made up name of your blog. Obviously it’s not spelled “machismo” so to me it doesn’t have the same meaning. Who says we can’t make up words that fit? You could definite it as “male pride applied to food.” Keep up the great blog! I just shared your recipe for stuffed artichokes on my new blog called http://www.onemoreveggie.com. Just playing around with it at this point, getting ready to start my main blog…
    Best, Bridget Swinney RD (author of Eating Expectantly.)

    1. Hey Bridget, thanks so much! You got the idea for sure. Thanks for including my stuffed arthichokes recipe. That’s a blast from the past in the archives for sure! Good luck on the blog!

      1. It’s incredible that you found time to reply to Bridget Swinney and yet not to Kay Schweers right above, who seems like she would have benefited massively from some of your advice given her miserable situation as a nearly-toothless senior living alone and hoping to eat less plain peanut butter after losing 50 pounds from cancer treatment. This blog should be renamed “Cooking without Compassion.”

  74. Nick,
    got a problem, when I open the spring –all I get is the ads to join–
    I have joined, what am I doing wrong?

  75. OOOHHHHH BOOOYYYYEEEE!!! This was ridiculously good! I needed to make two sandwiches and only had one slice of ham and one slice of turkey, so i pulled in some roast beef. I even only had shredded cheddar cheese. I turned-out fantastic. I was on the phone with my college kid when I was making it and describing it to her and she said that I “have to make it for her” when she comes home. Will do! It was STUPID GOOD!! Thanks for sharing!

  76. hey Nick,

    just found your website; so glad i did! i’ll be getting a cast iron pan soon. i threw one away a few years back when it rusted from soaking after first use, lol. so i was brushing up on your care tips, when i noticed your sheet pan hash browns in the sidebar–a recipe i had pinned just a couple nights earlier on pinterest! come to think of it, i guess that’s how i found your cast iron pin, haha. so your web of pins caught a two-fer in me. haven’t tried them potatoes yet, but looking forward to it soon. i’m a fierce fan of turn-key!

    just read the comments here on “about” and it’s obvious to me you’re doing God’s Work with your hash brown work and all. such high praise, i see, for all your dishes. will look for other recipes to try.

    before i splitski, i have to say i was floored by the vitriol on a couple posts about your site name–perhaps i read into them harsher than intended but, JEEZ–get a grip! and maybe a sense of humor! so glad you weren’t shamed/bullied into changing the name, and handled the replies so deftly. even sans the sheet pan hash browns, you have earned my respect as one classy guy. should the potatoes fulfill their full prophecy… you will be my Potato God. amen!

    1. Ha! Thanks J! Turns out people are very opinionated about free content on the Internet. So it goes! :) Glad you like the recipes though and thanks for the kind words. :)

  77. Nick
    Your post on Chili Gravy for enchiladas caught my attention (so cool!) and led me to your blog.

    I’m another full time professional guy who loves to cook and loves food, and I’m getting a lot of inspiration here.

    Thanks for putting up a cool site. I will ask for your cookbook as a birthday present.

  78. So glad I found you on StumbleUpon. I love the feel, tone and look of this website. Especially all your recipes. This one of the few site I actually subscribe to. Keep em coming!

  79. I totally love your blog. You have inspired me to get back in the kitchen especially when travelling as there is so much new and exotic produce to try out. Thank you and keep up the great work.

  80. Hi Nick,
    I’m desperate! Today I am searching endlessly for a bone-in chicken thigh recipe that I made 2 or 3 years ago.
    Key words are chicken thighs, mustard, fresh peaches, curry. I remember coating thighs with mustard & sauteeing
    [surprisingly the mustard stuck pretty well]. In some fashion the peaches & curry were combined & with everything
    in a casserole dish–it went into the oven. The end result was divinely tasty [not too soupy & crisp skin].
    Can you help?
    Michael R.

  81. Hey from down hwy 36 (Louisville, CO). I had a leftover bag of tri-colored potatoes from Sprouts and didn’t know what to make the kids so found your loaded potato wedge recipe and my teens love it. Plus the white, pink and purple potatoes added even more color. I’m not the best cook. However, your site is inspiring and may even bring some confidence to my table and a smile to my 3 kids.

  82. Hi Nick, stumbled on your “The Best Way To Cook Prime Rib” after I fell for the 140* in the middle of the roast for this Christmas’ dinner. But, after reading your article/recipe to my PITA husband, he is ranting about the size of the roast…”we used a smaller cut, 4 ribs, the thickness over the 4 ribs and the total width of the roast would change the per pound roasting time.. similar would be if you are cooking hamburgers and one is 1/4 of a pound and 1′ thick and one is a 1/4 pound of meat which has been squashed down to 1/4′ thick, cooking time would be very different with the same weight…” See what I get when I mess up Christmas dinner?? What are your thoughts on his rant….? Don’t worry, as I plan on just following your recipe whether he thinks the roast is squat or tall!!
    LOL. Thanks

    1. Hey Kate! Ha! Well, to be honest, there are MANY variables that could affect total cooking time. It’s why I always recommend using a meat thermometer to make sure you hit the right temp (sounds like you have one). I’d have to look, but I think 140 degrees in the middle is a bit high. I usually shoot for 130-135 in the middle with the knowledge that it’ll go up a bit while resting and the center will be a bit more rare than the edges (which is fine). There’s no way to judge a full roast by time though. It’s destined to go poorly. Hope that helps!

  83. You realize “machismo” is synonymous with toxic masculinity and sexism, right? Smh, you’re an idiot.

    1. Lily, it’s a play on words. I realize what it means traditionally but I’m trying to redefine it as meaning confidence in the kitchen (hence the purposeful misspelling). Calling someone an “idiot” that you’ve never met maybe isn’t sexism, but it’s not being a great human being either. Have a nice day!

  84. I have looked through your website and didn’t find anything pickled. Do you have any pickled vegetable recipes to share?

  85. I was expecting ‘macheesmo’ to mean your relationship with cheese, probably because I live in Wisconsin. The frittata recipe was a good reference.

  86. Just wanted to say I love your site. As a culinary school grad, working chef, and someone who knows both sides of cooking (I use to work in corporate America) this is great. More leftovers please!

  87. Hey Nick,
    I just wanted to let you know how much this blog have saved my life and how much I enjoy your blog! All the nice meal ideas here for the family really saves the family life.

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